10 Wedding Tasks To Accomplish During Lockdown

A lockdown may have put your wedding preparations to halt, but, your wedding planning doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be stunted by this pandemic! Whether you’re planning a postponed wedding, or are staying put with a celebration scheduled for later this year or in 2021, we say, make the most of the time you have now. Not only is it a nice way to kill the time, but it is also an opportunity to get ahead on your planning as you get closer to you D-Day.

Because we’re all #inittogether, wedding professionals are putting more resources out there than ever before. Take advantage of the support at your fingertips, and make some planning moves! To jumpstart your productivity, we’re sharing 10 wedding planning tasks you can do while in quarantine. You got this!


1. Organize Your Pinterest Board


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Pinterest is arguably every bride’s best friend. We could spend hours scrolling through and pinning our favorite wedding inspiration! This is the perfect time to let yourself go wild on Pinterest and create your ultimate wedding! When it comes to booking things in, you’ll be ready to go!


2. Narrow Down Your Wedding Dress

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Some immediate questions are: sleeves or no sleeves? Full-length or short? Embellished or simple? Voluminous or sleek? Cleavage or more modest? Now is the time to ponder on what kind of dress you want to wear on your special day. Retailers are making it easier for brides to discover dresses online and perusing through styles digitally can help you hone in on what details and silhouettes you gravitate towards.


3. Rethink Design


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Now is a great time to go through all the aesthetics and logistics of your wedding. Organize your decor ideas, you can be detail-oriented on all the aspects from color, to the theme, to DIY projects. Comb through your contracts and/or proposals and get a grasp on keeping and setting a budget.


4. Write Your Wedding Vows


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Being stuck at home can get those creative juices flowing. Take this chance to start writing up your vows. This will also be a great little reminder of why you love your partner. Perfect for those moments when you are driving each other nuts after 2 weeks in isolation!


5. Practice Your First Dance


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Getting stuck in quarantine has its perks.  You can get your moves right and make your first dance a piece of cake. Get some YouTube tutorials up and practice your first dance with your partner. If your partner is away, do a video call to get your first dance right. You can also recruit the help of friends or family members with smooth moves and make it a social activity.


6. Plan A Killer Playlist


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Speaking of dancing, you’ll need a killer playlist for your wedding. “Always and Forever,” by Heatwave or “The Way You Look Tonight,” by Frank Sinatra? From slow to fast, R&B to country, and everything in between, you can put together the best wedding playlist of all time from the comfort of your own home!


7. Write Thank You Notes


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Oftentimes, you have so much going on in the months leading up to your wedding that you don’t have time to send out thank you notes or cards for these special celebrations. If you find yourself with a bit more time on your hands, take advantage and write or order some now.


8. Organize Your Guest List


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With plenty of time in hand, it’s a perfect time to organize your guest list. Discuss with your partner on who to invite and who to cancel. Decide on the seating arrangement. If possible, make a DIY seating chart for your guests well in advance.


9. Research And Conduct Virtual Meetings


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Keep in contact with your wedding planner as things progress. Get on a video call and check in with how your bridesmaids and parents are doing. Let them know your plans, what tasks you still have to do, what you want to do about your hen and stag parties etc. Even if lockdown won’t impact your date, it’s good to run through the game plan with some friendly faces.


10. Upscale Your Beauty Regime


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Skin hydration, fizzy hair problems, posture correction, nail art; and the list of beauty regimes for brides-to-be continues. Make the most out of being at home by taking care of your skin, hair, nail, and mind; by practicing some DIY beauty regimes. There are plenty of masks recipes available online for all types of skins and hair. Give yourself a much-needed break and embrace on a journey to become the most beautiful bride ever!



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