A Blissful Voyage Of Love!

“If you look in the right way, you can see the whole world is an enchanted garden!”

― Frances Hodgson Burnett




Osmat Sarieddine and Racha Mhanna tied the knot in Bzebdine Mount Lebanon at a luxurious private villa owned by Sheikh Kamil Sarieddine. The magical affair was planned by the Lebanese wedding planning company Visionnaire who are renowned for their creative ideas and exquisite eye for details.




The gorgeous couple made a grand entrance accompanied by the Zaffeh designed especially for this wedding. Over 40 performers including; wingmen, drummers and a live parade played bespoke traditional music which was especially composed for the celebration.





The first of the incredible revelries was exceptionally eventful, the whole atmosphere, setting and vibes were breathtaking. The lavish premise was filled with eclectic European styled lounging areas with a touch of Mexican inspired vibrancy. The live culinary stations were set up with delicacies from the four corners of the world. The occasion saw lots of loved ones who were delighted to witness the outdoor garden ceremony.



The spectacular entertainment stunned one and all! It consisted of a soulful performance by the legend Jihad Akl, an acoustic musical fusion by Samar and the band, dance acts executed by the professional dancers of the famous MTV programme ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and a melodic masterpiece by a santoor player. A personalized song was written and orchestrated for this valuable occasion which was sung by the groom’s mother Mrs. Elham Sarieddine, after the cake cutting ceremony.





The afterparty went on ‘owl’ night long with an awesome DJ line-up! Romax Maurer and Rea Bp played back to back hits in the garden home that was decked out and completely transformed into an open-air nightclub amidst pine trees and the glorious evening sky.




There bash saw a stunning line-up of several magical elements such as; a glitzy glitter corner, stylish dancers, staggering visuals, thumping tunes, superb cocktails along with gastronomical delicacies and a 180-degree scenic view of nature’s finest beauty that made the night oh-so magical.




Vendor List:

 Wedding Venue: Premises of Sheikh Kamil Sarieddine (A private villa in Bzebdine – Mount Lebanon)

 Wedding Planner & Designer: @visionnairelb

 Entertainment: @efactorylb and @jihad_akl

 Lighting Design: @bacchus_production

 Flowers: @ikebana, @ronibassil

 Furniture: @Skamlati

 Photography & Videography: @hishamsabaphotography

 Catering & Cake: @saveurpluscatering

 Production: @anglesdesign

 Scaffolding: @SalemRabih

 Laser Show: @Eyeseeexperience

 Bridal Hair: @yehiaandzakaria

 Wedding Dress: @moeshour