A Celestial Journey Of Love!

“Love is the only thing that transcends time and space.”



This couple made a wish upon a star to tie the knot amidst far-off galaxies and colossal planets and the universe granted their wish with the help of a world-renowned wedding planner- Toni Breiss. This wedding is called “Love Space,” which was designed keeping in mind the cosmos and interplanetary structures and the result was truly mesmerizing and left us all stargazing.





It took place in O Ciel which is located in Dbayeh, Lebanon and is known for its beautiful setting and glamorous atmosphere. With a perfect view of the sea, the venue had 600 guests for this wedding.






The celestial backdrop proved to be a picturesque spot for the bride to make a memory of lifetime which will surely transcend the definition of space and time. Each detail was planned meticulously to give a truly out-of-the-earth experience to everyone present in the venue.






The neon light revolving around centerpiece made of red and pink roses, and countless candles created a sense of awe on each guest’s face as they entered the premises.




The groom made an epic classical entry and was accompanied by his friends and family as he approached towards the love of his life.  The bride was looking stunning as she walked down the aisle on the bewitching stage decorated by the super talented team from Level by Tony Briess. Celebrations transpired when the couple cut this spectacular piece of art.







Vendor List:


Wedding Planner & Designer: LEVEL by Toni Breiss Paris

Venue: O Ciel Venue

Photography: ParAzar Productions

Cinematography: ParAzar Productions