A Vietnamese Wonderland Temptation!

“Even on our bad days, I’m still glad that I married you. I Love You”

– The Groom




The gorgeous couple were born and raised in the mountain forest area. Therefore, on the most important day of this couple’s life, Bliss Weddings & Events Vietnam chose to sketch and construct a deep mountain forest space especially for bride and groom, in order to create a party theme based on the common things that the couple love and cherish. The ceremony took place at the Grand Pollux ballroom in the Gem Center, one of the biggest wedding convention centers in Vietnam. The lush backdrop also brought a sense of closeness to nature for guests as there were several trees, mountains, waterfalls recreated.





The bride who dabbled in the modelling industry is a successful businesswoman who met her match, a well-known businessman and a pioneer in car clubbing at a coffee shop in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. When he saw the lovely girl, attentively reading a book, the groom decided to choose a table right behind her. Next, he secretly wrote his phone number on the book that she was reading. Their love story blossomed via phone calls and text messages and the couple officially got into a relationship just after one month of knowing each other.




The groom is known as a great car racing driver and right after the first few days of dating each other, he gave his car to his girlfriend to test drive, and that’s when he found out that she is the girl of his dreams as she herself was an immaculate driver! The groom touched his bride’s heart through his thoughtful, gentle and equally clumsy care. When she was sick, he took immense care of her and even cooked dishes for her, himself.




After a long period of dating, the groom decided to give a big surprise to his beautiful lady with a romantic proposal by the cliff with the help of his close friends. At this time, the friends of the groom also threatened that if she did not accept, she would be “thrown” down the cliff! But without a doubt, the bride said “yes, I do” immediately after receiving the proposal.




In order to create this mountainous and romantic wedding scene, Bliss had nearly a year to discuss and work with the couple, where they conjured up many ideas and changed countless venues, but the couple refused all the lavish concepts and ultimately Bliss decided to bring a whole forest to the wedding party for them, which was symbolic of their love for nature.





The ambiance was taken to a whole new level by the 3D mapping projection technology used to cover the ballroom in visual masterpieces. This was also the first wedding in Saigon that included the usage of one of the most modern projection technologies in today’s day and age. The stage area consisted of an image that simulates majestic mountains, enveloped by verdant forestation that reminded the couple of their homeland in Lang Son province and Gia Lai province in Vietnam. In addition, all the other elements such as the invitations, banquet menu sets to all the decorative items were harmoniously relevant and attached to their love story.




As per the bride’s wish, the resplendent floral décor was minimalistic yet incredibly elegant. The inclusion of fresh flowers paired with wooden accents, inspired by lush timberlands and natural moss brought a sense of lightness and splendor to the overall atmosphere of the whimsical rainforest themed wedding.




The bride made her grand entrance to a melodious performance by saxophone artist Tran Manh Tuan. She stepped onto the stage in a stunning, white wedding dress and the groom quickly approached his bride and welcomed her with a sweet kiss. When talking about his love story, the groom was mentioned that, “Meeting you is fate. Being my friend is an option. But loving you is something out of my control.”





Vendor List:


Wedding Planner, Production, Floral Design, Décor, Coordination: Bliss Weddings & Events Vietnam

Photographers: Louis Wu & Sebastian Graetz

DJ: Doru Tudose

Venue: Gem Center

3D Mapping Projection & LED Display: Trần Linh Multimedia

Visual Effects: Motix

Sound & Lighting: Five Star Media