A Whole New World!

Get inspired by the sheer brilliance of Aladdin and Jasmine’s epic love saga and embrace the Arabian theme for your very own dreamy Disney nuptials! Hop onto the magic carpet and transport yourself to Agrabah where all your wishes will be granted.


Customized Invitations


Photograph Courtesy: @sapphiredigitalworks


Looking for invites that reflect your favourite Disney movie, Aladdin? Well, your wish has been granted! These contemporary watercolour wedding invitations adorned with Aladdin inspired whimsy illustrations are the perfect form of stationary for a couple that lives and breathes vicariously through the epic masterpiece.


Photoshoot Ready


Photograph Courtesy: Lightbox Productions


Organize a pre-wedding photoshoot with your loved one or opt for an Aladdin themed photo booth at your wedding. Let your guests enjoy a whimsical setup, complete with costumes from the Arabian locale and props that replicate the film’s magnificence.


Lavish Décor


Photograph Courtesy: Dina Douglass/Andrena Photography


Deck your ceremony and reception venue with royal hues, fairy lights and an array of elegant floral arrangements. With a myriad of textures and cultural extravagance, your Aladdin themed wedding would turn the royal Arabian dream into a stunning reality.


Delectable Confectionary


Photograph Courtesy: @codyjamesbarry


Rub the lamp, wait for the Genie to grant your sweet wishes! A multi-tiered wedding cake inspired by mandala designs and adorned with rich, vibrant fondant along with a wide variety of delectable desserts for your guests to gorge on, what more could you ask for?


Trendy Tablescapes


 Photograph Courtesy: @jennawhiterabbit


Incorporate jewel toned elements of décor within your ceremony. The regal colours would complement the true essence of Aladdin. The Arabian backdrop with Moroccan elements such as; Persian rugs, gilt Genie lamps, bright tassels, caricature place cards and antique lanterns would add to the overall splendor.



Feature Image Credit: @codyjamesbarry