All Hail The Winter Beauty!

The fall in the temperature is a signal that it’s time for a change in your skincare routine. We’re well-versed in the art of sunkissed summer wedding makeup, but when it comes to winter looks, we often need a little counsel. While the snowy setting calls for a soft, subtle makeup, many brides are opting for bold, dramatic and contrast colors. Have a look at these winter wedding makeup trends and decide which one’s right for you.


Frost Queen


Photograph Courtesy: @crystalhahnphotography


If you are having your nuptials in the snow, try this astonishing look with the help of a silver headpiece and silver jewelry. Contour your skin with the color of lips to give an invincible flair. Give a smoky look to your eyes by trying dark grey or charcoal.


Cinderella Look


Photograph Courtesy: @picturemarvelous


The biggest makeup trend of the year is glowing, luminous skin, and a winter wedding is a perfect opportunity to sport it.  A warm, berry lip can make the perfect statement. Whether you want to go shimmery, matte, or sheer, you can try these tones to set a classic impression. Shades of pine, plum or pink will totally rock your look.



Wonderland Glow


Photograph Courtesy: @corinavphotography


You want a make-up look on your big day that will stand the test of time. When it comes to this, minimalism is usually a good way to go. Pick a shadow shade and stick to it, keep your skin flawless and your lashes fluttery.



Dare To Go Dark


Photograph Courtesy: @myptography


For cold-weather weddings, you can’t go wrong with burgundy, maroon, wine or rosewood. These moody hues add a bit of edge to classic bridal makeup. Have a metallic eye cover or keep it cozy with neutral eye shadow with dramatic false eyelashes.



Shimmer And Shine


Photograph Courtesy: @pinterest


Look as radiant as you feel on your special day with bridal makeup that accentuates your happy glow. Dewy skin, subtly shimmering lids and highlighter that accentuates your cheekbones will make you look lit from within. Red lipstick and metallic eyeshadows never go out of style, so try this on your wedding day to make a bold statement.



Opt For Ombre


Photograph Courtesy: @ashleyhayesphotography


Instead of having one lip color, why not have two? Ombre lips are achieved by blending two complementary shades, like orange and red, to create a gradient of color on your lips. Make the most of your eyes and cheekbones with a halo hair vine to draw the focus to your eye-line.



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