An Interview With The Founder of EventChic Designs

With more than ten years in the industry, Jardel has accomplished a tremendous number of successful events. Through his chic designs, lush floral arrangements, intricately designed accessories and dramatic lightning he has wowed several A-List clients. Jardel’s creativity, attention to minute details, concept designing and contagious enthusiasm have earned him a reputation for unparalleled excellence as an event designer. He’s now moving forward on making a mark in the event industry with his company EventChic Designs. With the help of all his team members, each event reinforces the company’s tagline which is; ‘Where Passion Meets Perfection’.



As an esteemed speaker and the Welcome Reception Planner for DWP 2019, we got in touch with the founder of EventChic Designs to learn more about his marvelous work in the cross-cultural wedding world and his overall expertise within the wedding industry.


Who was/is your inspiration for setting foot in the wedding industry?


I’ve been exposed to the luxurious scene of hotels and events when I started my career in the hotel industry at the age of 21. I’ve been in touch with different designers that represent their own ideas through their work. Their ability to turn their dreams into reality leaves me in awe every time. I think this awakened a passion that I never knew I had within me for event designing. The swift advancement of trends in the events industry gives me immense thrill and excitement and hence became one of the main reasons why I chose this as my career.



What do you do differently from other wedding planners?

I’m always trying to exercise my creative side and trying to come up with new things to offer in this industry. Whenever I visit new places, I get inspired by them to create new concepts and designs.


What are some of the latest trends in the wedding business that you follow?

I’ve always put in effort to incorporate the changing trends within my brand. We incorporate the trending colours, dynamic theme of flowers and complimenting walls which gives every event a touch of sophistication and style. I make it a point to add my company’s expertise with the newest trends and use it as my inspiration to come up with new designs that can be offered to our clients.



How easy or difficult is it to keep up with changing trends in this dynamic industry?

I try not to get intimidated by it. I believe in having confidence in what I’m offering. I do what I believe is beautiful, and trust in what the client thinks. I try and innovate and create something more to offer than what is already in existence. Whether it be travelling to see beautiful landmarks and finding inspiration in the smallest things or challenging myself to become better at every aspect within the industry, I always strive for originality and creative satisfaction.


How does it feel coming from one cultural background and adapting to several other cultural circumstances when planning different kinds of weddings? What are some of the roadblocks you face?

I established my company with the thought that there is more than just  one religion and one tradition the world has to offer. A lot of planners put their focus into one segment making them vulnerable within the challenges between trends and traditions. EventChic Designs incorporates every tradition such as; Indian weddings, Western ceremonies or diverse cross-cultural nuptials.  I love to observe the beauty of each and everyone’s culture and tradition and with their help we are able to curate incredible designs and décor for our events.



Having planned several high-profile weddings, which one was your absolute favourite to orchestrate?

I was given a chance to organize a five-day wedding in Mumbai, India. It was a wedding that anticipated ten thousand guests. I was pushed out of my comfort zone since I had to be present in the process of planning which required me to stay in India for two months. It tested my skills when it came to coordinating with different sets of suppliers and teams. The success of the extravagant wedding made us all emotional and hearing kind words from everyone is what made all sheer hard work worth it.


What are some of the benefits and challenges of hosting a destination wedding?

It’s always a challenge when it comes to interacting with new suppliers and organizers. But I believe that this is the very thing that benefits our company the most. The golden opportunity to part of the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress adds another mark in my journey that I will always remember.



Which was the first destination wedding you planned? What were the hardships you faced? How did you overcome them?

Beginnings are always difficult. There’s no such thing as a perfect start. I had my first encounter with wedding planning in Saudi Arabia. I was working under a great team in which I helped on the process of organizing and designing. It was an eye-opening moment for me. I had to stay for days at length to observe and learn through the eyes of a real designer. I was more than grateful for the outcome of the event and I must say that my commencement within the events world kept me on the right track in this industry.


How does it feel to be associated with the luxury boutique event known as the Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019 which is going to take place in Dubai this year?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am beyond grateful for this chance to be able to express my passion for my work and become the main designer for the Welcome Cocktail. Words cannot express the excitement and gratefulness I have in my heart knowing that this will be a chance to show others that the UAE is now making a name in this vast industry.



With DWP taking place in this region, how do you think it will boost the wedding industry in the Middle East?

Weddings in the Middle East are already massive, people look forward to extravagance that these exclusive weddings portray. I think that the Destination Wedding Planners Congress will give more importance to the idea of putting effort into wedding décor and give more exposure to this industry. It’s about time, that Dubai gets the recognition that it deserves when it comes to hosting the most lavish destination weddings!



All Images Courtesy: EventChic Designs

Feature Image Courtesy: @violetstudiodubai via @eventchicdesigns