Be My Sweetheart?

Enjoy some serenity by setting up a designated sweetheart table at your ceremony. Spend some time together in a small, secluded section just for you and your loved one amongst the roaring revelries and get an unprecedented view of your close friends and family as they let their hair down till the wee hours of the morning!


Plush Poolside


Photograph Courtesy: Chris and Ruth Photography


Super trendy poolside sweetheart tables are the way to go for nautical nuptials. The minimalistic décor and cool chic elements keep the atmosphere pleasantly relaxed.


Layered Linens


Photograph Courtesy: Rebecca Yale Photography


Draped embroidered linens layered on sweetheart tables give the overall ceremony a super romantic vibe. Bring your enchanting vision to life with a whimsical sweetheart table swathed in quirky printed or embellished sheets of linen.


Floral Grandeur


Photograph Courtesy: Samantha Jay Photography


Cuddle up on a love seat that is overflowing with gorgeous floral installations and lit lanterns. The cosy set up is apt for a bohemian ceremony or an intimate wedding for a couple that is looking to bring the outdoors, indoor.


Modish Metallics


Photograph Courtesy: Marisa Albrecht


Metallic accents provide minimalistic sweetheart tables with a hint of glitz without being too overbearing or gaudy. Decorate your table with floral vine runners and keep it sleek with rose gold or gilt chairs.


Glitter Galore


Photograph Courtesy: B. Jones Photography


If your style is bold and dramatic then opt for sweetheart tables adorned with elements that are eye-catching such as shimmering sheets of table linen, dazzling crystallised centrepieces or vintage foliage chair décor.



Feature Image Credit: Art Is For Lovers