Beauty In Simplicity -Minimalist Wedding Ideas!

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” ~Hans Hofmann


The minimalistic style is all about simplicity. In fact, the phrase “less is more,” is the perfect slogan for the genre. Clean lines, neutral shades, elegant geometry, chic calligraphy, and no fuss makes these kinds of celebrations unique. One of the perks of having a minimalist wedding is that there is less stress involved. Having a minimalist wedding means you’ve created something highly personal by subtracting all the unnecessary stuff in favor of adding things that mean something to you. These minimalistic wedding decor ideas will make you want to implement them at your wedding and make a statement.


 Lunaria Love


Pictures Courtesy: @jaylimstudio & @vid_studio 


There are many flowers that can be simple and elegant- consider a small bouquet of lavender, lily of the valley or carrying a single stem of your favorite flower. Baby’s breath and Lunaria, a simple yet stunning bridal bouquet combo. These Lunaria bridesmaid and bridal bouquets are simply magical against the soft blue color palette of the bridesmaids’ dresses.


Green & White


Pictures Courtesy: @leopatrone


White symbolizes simplicity and green spells pure. No wonder why this combination is the epitome of minimalism. We call this combination as organic minimalism, which features a lot of white with accents of lush greenery.


Table Decor


Pictures Courtesy: @laurenkurc


Choosing a minimalistic wedding theme doesn’t mean the tables are bare. The decor is more subtle and chic variants are used to give a bare-minimum yet elegant touch.


Subtle Welcome


Pictures Courtesy: @kirasteinfotografie & @willowlane.paperie


There’s modern minimalism, which loves to play up shapes and geometry. A geometrical line welcome board is a minimalist’s monochromatic dream.


Elegant Stationery


Pictures courtesy: @sofiainvitations & @writtenwordcalligraphy


When it comes to invites, choose pastel soft tones. Try acrylic invitations which are the perfect way to set the stage for your minimalist and chic celebration. This not only keeps the tone of the event simple but it’s also romantic.


Ghost Chairs


Pictures Courtesy: @ashleykelemen & @juliakaptelova_photography


There’s no simpler or more minimalistic way to furnish your ceremony or reception than to go with a classic, ghost chair. They blend in with any venue or vision. They’re not bulky so space isn’t an issue either. In fact, they will only add to the slick, crisp scene that you’ll be building.




Picture Courtesy: @amyscupcakeshoppe


What can be simpler than a single-tier white cake? We love this elegant placement and the bare-minimum leafy decor.




Pictures Courtesy: @thesmallthingsco & @nicola_thompson_photography


When it comes to minimalist wedding decor and design, the point is to keep things clean, spacious, and fuss-free. Many couples stick to a simple color palette like monochrome or neutral but don’t shy away from adding pops of color like vibrant red, dusty blue, and elegant gold.


I Don’t Need Anything Else


Picture Courtesy: @decorusfineart


Ditch the smoky car and opt for this eco-friendly ride to your happily-ever-after.


Bare Minimum Make-Up & Hairdo


Pictures Courtesy @ktmerry & @taniamarasbridal


When it comes to implementing minimalism in make-up, opt for nude makeup. Stick to creamy lipsticks in tones that are a bit peachier or rosy than your skin tone. This simple, yet classy bun is all-thing elite.



Feature Image Credit: @aseaoflove