Berry Romantic!

Aside from the gorgeous berry toned wedding colour palette which is extremely popular during the fall season, you can also incorporate various varieties of actual berries within your ceremony décor for a naturalistic, rustic style fall fête. Get inspired by these berry beautiful wedding ideas!


Fruity Invitations


Photograph Courtesy: @treasurestudios.calligraphy


Opt for wedding invitations fragranced in a sweet berry scent with fruity illustrations and a wine toned colour palette or a blueberry infused invitation suite with watercolour designed artworks.


Berry Bouquets


Photograph Courtesy: @dinachmut.collection


Include a range of blueberries, blackberries and ripe raspberries for a pop of colour along with the verdant foliage and vibrant blooms in your bridal bouquet.


Sweet Confections


Photograph Courtesy: Vikaantropova_Ru/Getty Images


Incorporate the juicy goodness of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries all in a decadent multi-layered, baked confection that will have your guests coming back for seconds! Festoon the rustic fall naked cake with foliage and seasonal blossoms along with the berries.


Ethereal Crowns


Photographs Courtesy: @margaretbeephotography and @cupofherbaltea


Fruit-filled bridal crowns are the ultimate fall wedding accessory! Tie together a contrast of crimson and ebony berries along with the lush florals for a striking headpiece.


Luxe Tablescapes


Photographs Courtesy: @_mikeradford


Blueberry adorned ceremonial tablescapes are a super unique way to integrate your something blue at your dreamy wedding. Scatter a handful of berries along the length of your reception table and place clusters of them as unique centrepieces.



Feature Image Credit: Nina Gallant