Candy Confections

Don’t just limit yourself to a traditional buttercream frosted or fondant coated wedding cake when you can expand your boundaries and opt for a whimsical candy confection. Get inspired by these exceptional, drool worthy, candy infused creations that are sure to leave you wanting more!


Rainbow Wonder


Photograph Courtesy: @whiskdrizzle


Pair all that sugary goodness with fresh floral elements and shimmering metallic accents. The incorporation of rainbow tinted layers frosted with several sugary delicacies are a match made in heaven!


Chocolate Drip


Photograph Courtesy: @erin.bakes


Oh, a chocoholic’s dream come true! This delicious chocolatey delight will undoubtedly cause death by chocolate. The cocoa infused drip cake can be gilded with your favourite chocolate bars so that you get to reminisce over those nostalgic childhood memories.


Cotton Candy Clouds


Photograph Courtesy: @livforcake


This one’s for all of you that have a crazy sweet tooth! Fluffy, pastel hued cotton candy placed atop a sophisticated wedding confection is incredibly insta-worthy and oh so delicious.


Jelly Bean Blast


Photograph Courtesy: @sanganphotography


These colourful jewels are a great addition to a classic multi-tiered wedding cake. You can adorn the whole confection in vibrant jelly beans or intricately place them in the form of garlands on a fondant covered cake.


Candied Fantasy


Photograph Courtesy: @sweet_celebrations_/@karynlouisephotography


A magical wedding cake smothered in delectable sweet treats such as, chocolate covered pretzels, doughnuts and macarons is super irresistible! The elegant croquembouche creation is sure to leave your guests giddy with happiness.



Feature Image Credit: @angesdesucre/@weheartpictures