Captivating Caverns

Get married underground in historic caverns that provide a sense of old wold charm. The jagged backdrop adds a rustic feel and is ideal for an intimate wedding or a surprise elopement. If you are up for the adventure of a lifetime, check out these mystical and mysterious locales where you can host an enchanting marriage ceremony amongst various picturesque landscapes across the globe.


Dubrovnik Cave, Croatia


Photograph Courtesy: Svadbas Photography


Situated on the peninsula of Lapad, the Dubrovnik Cave is an immaculate place for the perfect grotto wedding ceremony. Exchange your earnest vows at the heart of the natural cavern alongside the beach area. Extending over three levels, this luxurious acreage also has an avant-garde furnished sea view terrace overlooking the naturalistic, scenic beauty of Croatia. Choose to style the primordial site with an innovative, chic décor theme or keep it classic with a muted colour palette. The natural beauty of the cavern itself will definitely shine through.


Maori Bay, New Zealand


Photograph Courtesy: @sarahweberphotography


Get hitched alongside the pristine beach of Maori Bay located on the west coast of Auckland. A desolate and unique vicinity, the natural caves built on the bay side would act as an enthralling ambiance for new beginnings. Filled with sunshine and natural lighting, it would be a photographer’s dream come true to capture the entire essence of this gorgeous panoramic beauty.


Willowbrook Amphitheatre, U.S.A


Photograph Courtesy: Carrie Swails Photography


Also known as Chief Colorow’s Cave, the Willowbrook Amphitheatre is a breathtaking wedding venue that offers a special charm and is a structure full of grandeur. Your guests would absolutely love the naturalistic setting. Make your bridal entrance through its cavernous subterranean passages and say your vows at the cave altar under a sky full of glistening stars.


The Caves, Scotland


Photograph Courtesy: Elemental Photography


Visit the romantic chambers beneath Edinburgh’s medieval Old Town. The iconic Caves has been listed as one of the best venues in the world by Lonely Planet. The transcendent atmosphere is complete with low arched ceilings, exposed brickwork and unprecedented cobbled stoned floors that are lit by an amalgamation of modernised lighting techniques, illuminative candles and a canopy full of a million twinkling fairly lights creating a quixotic vibe for divine nuptials.


Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska


Photograph Courtesy: Chris Beck


Tie the knot in an idealistic ceremony with snow capped, rocky peaks, the shimmering Mendenhall lake and the fascinating Nugget Falls as the perfect view from the Mendenhall Glacial Cave. This Alaskan destination is the ultimate locale for a winter wonderland wedding. Fly yourself and your bridal entourage in through a luxurious helicopter ride and make a grand appearance for your exotic ceremony.



Feature Image Credit:@tonygambinophoto