Capturing Moments In Time: Blue Eye Picture

“We love to document life in an artful way. With our passion we capture dreams and memories.”

– Greg Grytchenko


Blue Eye Picture is known to capture your story as it unfolds combining editorial-style wedding photography with fine-art photojournalism to capture what’s truly beautiful about you and your wedding. We had a chat with Greg Grytchenko, the Founder of Blue Eye Picture and learnt about the company’s accomplishments over the years and their association with the 6th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress.



Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?


Greg Grytchenko, the Founder of Blue Eye Picture, started his photography business in 2001 in Poland. In search of greater pursuit of knowing art, photography gives him more tools to express himself, turning his ideas into reality. In 2008, he attended a Bride Show in Dubai that opened a new chapter for his career. After two years of building his market, he decided to create his own studio in Dubai. This is how Blue Eye Picture was born. Blue Eye Picture Studio is a leading wedding photography and cinematography studio in United Arab Emirates. We are experts in capturing events of diverse culture including Indian, Arabic and Western style weddings and events all over the world. Greg continues to lead his talented team of artists, capturing special moments and making them timeless.



What is your expertise and where does your experience lie?


Our experience lies within the number of satisfied clients over the past decade. We built the business together with our clients through word of mouth. Our passion in telling stories through our work made it an irresistible trademark in the photography and cinematography scene. With more than 10 years of experience in photography, Blue Eye Picture has proven itself to be one of the most sought-after wedding studios in the UAE.



How would you describe your photography style? 


We definitely have an artistic photojournalistic style. We create classically beautiful images that combines traditional photography and modern digital technologies to capture eternal moments with qualities that are unique.



What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers out there?


On the day of every event, we act like silent guests. We capture all the magical moments. Our eyes and lenses work as if they are in slow motion, we see and feel time longer. We know how to capture the exact moments while everything is happening in real time. We are committed to deliver images and videos that tell a story, a time machine to transport you back to your big day. We believe that every story is unique, and it is yours, hence we want your day to be documented the way you are and the way that will reflect you. As the world is changing rapidly, we make sure that at Blue Eye Picture the upgrade and learning process is continuous. The team is in constant search of creativity and resources that are relevant to the latest trends and innovations. Greg also holds photography workshops to push his team so that they can discover more about their skills and enhance them at the same time.



What type of technical equipment did you use to capture the lavish Destination Wedding Planners Congress?


The technical gear during the DWP 2019 consisted mainly of our Canon cameras, various range of lenses and our Profoto lighting system.



Did you include any special effects when capturing photographs or post the event, at the editing stage? 


With the intricate design and set up of the event, there was really no special effects needed. The planners made sure for our team to be at ease and we were ready to capture the moments of this year’s lavish DWP Congress!



How did the venues, lighting and décor at the event affect your photography style?


It is known that for photography, lighting plays a big role in producing great quality of images. Be it the indoor or outdoor setting, the décor and set up was incredible and the lighting was managed well. We can say that our photography style was not affected at all. Everything was just so amazing!



How would you describe your experience of working as the photography partner for the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019?


To wrap up the DWP experience, we believe that it is really one for the books. Documenting the event and showcasing the wonderful vibe from the Welcome Reception to the Gala Night was truly an amazing experience. It was a great opportunity to meet world’s best wedding planners, suppliers and experts all at one event. It opened gates and windows for us to see more of what the wedding industry can offer. We are humbled and grateful to have been chosen as the official photography partner for the DWP Congress 2019.





All Photographs Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture- @female_photographer_dubai