Couple’s Destination Preference Series 2020: APAC

Asian weddings consist of traditional ceremonies and a number of big days that take place before the wedding. They include dinner parties, henna nights, religious events and many more. The wedding day will then follow plus a huge reception party to wrap things up. The typical guest list at an Asian wedding is eye-popping. At many Asian weddings, there can be upwards of 500 guests. It is for this reason that couples choose destinations that have proximity. The Asia-Pacific region is diverse and has a lot of options to choose from; be it a beach wedding, mountain wedding, island wedding or a castle wedding. Modern Asian couples are exploring this space and finding new locations to conduct their divine nuptials. Have a look at these go-to choices from Asian couples.


Couple’s Destination Wedding Preference from the Asia-Pacific: Japan, Bali, and New Zealand.


Bali, Indonesia


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Eric Sugiono from Poetyque Events, Indonesia: Known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs, Bali is a beautiful island with many different types of venues, beachfront, top of the cliff, in the middle of the forest.


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Kath Mackenzie from One Fine Day Weddings, New Zealand: For clients traveling out of New Zealand, Bali has easy flight options from major hubs in New Zealand with stunning villas and resorts available for private and unique weddings. It has a warm tropical climate and incredible food offerings which are perfect to host a big destination wedding.


New Zealand


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Kath also focused on couples coming to New Zealand for their wedding. Hawke’s Bay is the most requested destination from couples. Previously an undiscovered gem in New Zealand, this exuberant region boasts stunning landscapes and a warm, dry climate along with world-class wineries & bistros.




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Yukari Ueno from Yukari Ueno Experiences, Japan: Kyoto is a special location because you can feel Japanese history and tradition from Kyoto city’s vibes. Also, you can enjoy Japanese food, four seasons, culture and special experiences.



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