Couple’s Destination Preference Series 2020: Europe

Of course, Europe is the most preferred choice of couples around the world when it comes to destination weddings. Be it the serendipitous Lake Como in Italy or the majestical islands of Santorini, it is easy to get around and has got its good old English charm that never fails to catch the eye of couples. Here, weddings are a combination of culture, gorgeous vistas, and dramatic flair. Europe’s a big place. Choosing a country can feel a bit like throwing a dart at a map. Thankfully, we have some renowned wedding planners from Europe to throw some light on gorgeous wedding destinations based on the couple’s preferences.


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Couple’s Destination Wedding Preference from Europe: Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland & Germany.




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Nadine Metenberg from Fine Weddings & Parties, Germany: The Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa embodies the beauty of an island: its vast property stretches along the coast, with over three kilometers of wild beaches lined by dunes and green meadows.




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Nadine pointed towards Villa Bonomi, Lake Como, Italy. It is a unique location full of history surrounded by a four hectares park, built in the 1900s.


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Michelle Jacobs from Elegante by Michele J: For me, it is Villa di Maiano in Florence; it is a privately owned villa with beautiful grounds and the most stunning views of Florence from its terrace. The villa is in the town of Fiesole, which whilst part of the Florence municipality,  is a historic town located in the hills just above the main city. It’s just a 15-20 minute drive from the center and typically my couples keep the venue a secret from their guests until the wedding day. We invite guests to Florence and then collect them in coaches. By keeping the venue a secret from the guests we maintain the surprise and wow factor, thus avoiding any pre-conceptions and google searching ahead of the big day. It really does work and seeing the looks of awe on the faces of the guests as they arrive on the main lawn is a real treat.  It takes the term ‘the big reveal’ to a new dimension. Another beautiful place is Mykonos. It’s a beautiful place to get hitched and has beautiful settings, exquisite service, and cool vibe. I am very excited to be working in Mykonos this summer.




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Tiziana & Tamara from Cake & Confetti Events suggested Switzerland as a popular choice among European couplesSwitzerland is a unique country to get married in, not only because of its beautiful landscapes but also in legal terms. When it comes to marriage, foreigners in the country don’t face too many legal restrictions.




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Chloe Atlan from Aava Wedding: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild – Definitely one of the most gorgeous venues on Earth! Its fabulous garden, and breathtaking view on the ‘Baie de Villefranche’, added to the Romantic Architecture, pink facade, and incredible history of the venue, give a real soul to Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild.


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Bastide du Roy – It’s is a wonderful venue, full of history. It has such a special atmosphere with its several garden, each one of these has its own charm. The building is typical of the south of France Bastides, and has a perfect staircase entrance. Going from one space for the ceremony, to another for the cocktail reception, and again a different one for the dinner and party, there’s always a different atmosphere, and you feel like being in a different place each time.




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Lidia Wandas Wilczura from 5 Events: Salt Mine Wieliczka – Elegant Wedding reception on the depth of 134 meters down.  Salt Mine Wieliczka in our national treasure reaching the XIV century since the salt that times was like diamond nowadays. Thought centuries miners excavated tons of salt digging in the rock creating chambers, corridors. Miners-Artists enriched interiors with salt sculptures, reliefs. There are underground lakes. To say ‘I do,’ you can choose amazing chamber Michalowice or Saint Kinga’s chapel on the depth of 101 meters down. Even deeper 134 meters down, you can party all night and day long. Here we guarantee you the same weather all year long, the same temperature and micro-climate. Encrypted in UNESCO list in 1978 winner of two Guinness records – underground balloon flight and bungee jumping. It is one of the most amazing underground spaces worldwide and yes, truly unique!



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