Couple’s Destination Preference Series 2020: India

Destination weddings have grown in trend over the years. They used to be a rarity, but today, 1 out of 4 couples are opting for it. Couples want more personalization and are looking to embrace unique and local elements of the destination into their wedding.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you might want to consult a professional planner as they have traveled across the globe to understand the intricate details of the venue and offer something which you have never seen before. They can help you choose the location, the venue, and navigate the ins and outs of working in a foreign country. This is exactly why we consulted few renowned planners from different regions across the globe and they revealed all about the couple’s preference for go-to wedding destinations in 2020 in their region along with their expertise on some of the gorgeous properties to say ‘I do.’


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Indian Couples’ Location Preference: UAE, Malaysia, and India.

Beach weddings are trendy among Indian couples, thus the destination choice. The view of the ocean, the sand between your toes, and the cool breeze naturally induce romance without even trying.



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Vikram Mehta, Mpire Events: I would definitely say Malaysia is trending among the Indian couples. An undiscovered country for Indian weddings, I have managed to make an inroad with some stunning properties which have immense potential. Kota Kinabalu island has one of the world’s most stunning sunsets and properties like Shangri-La Rasa Ria and Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru have all the amenities to cater to large scale Indian Weddings. I could go one step further and say Walt Disney World, Orlando. Although last year we did the first and only Indian wedding in Disney’s flagship theme park, it is now a known fact that the giant brand WDW is open to large scale extravaganzas.





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Neha Arora from Var Vadhu: UAE has a balance of different destinations with easy access to guests from all over the world. Dubai is known as the city of gold, and this city has promised a lot of awesome venues for your destination wedding.




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Reshme Saigal, Reshme Saigal Weddings: Mussoorie is most certainly the emerging location for weddings in 2020. Located in the foothills of India’s glorious Himalayan Mountain range, with a number of historic hotels that serve as a picturesque layout for the most exquisite wedding photos. Be it the classic ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ style or a more modern, simple & timeless style, anything displayed in front of the eminent landscape of this hill station is predestined to give the wedding guests a sensational experience of nature & beauty amidst the clouds & lush forests, being beside the peak of the Himalayas.


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Pradeep Chandar from Marriage Colours– Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu, India: Set amidst two vibrant cities of Chennai and Pondicherry, this UNESCO renowned heritage site attracts people from all over the globe. Be for its inimitable architecture, fun-loaded tourist attractions in and around, lavish resort properties to relish and rejuvenate yourself, mouth-watering cuisines, impeccable Indian touch and most importantly a gorgeous beach to its name. The shore temple, looking over the shore as the name suggests, being the primary attraction of this venue is one of the oldest rock-cut temples of South India and the story behind it is just fascinating. Each and every one of the shrine or rock in this place has a significant history to its name and story making the whole journey a mesmerizing walk through our history. Not to forget the number of great resorts this place holds to its name offering you a wide variety of choices to pick the perfect venue for your dream day. The place also boasts to be an excellent location for pre or post-wedding outdoor shoots contributing to picturesque photographs to keep this beautiful memory intact. Also, it is a thriving wedding destination among new couples who plan to give their guests an experience like never before in an affordable and easily accessible location like Mahabs. This place has everything to complement your wedding weekend and it is a winning choice given that it has become a hot spot for destination weddings for people from all over India for its distinctive features from the rest of the destinations and much more. Give your guests a weekend to remember and you can’t go wrong with Mahabalipuram.




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