Couple’s Destination Preference Series 2020: MENA

Destination weddings are all about experiencing the thrill of something unique. You could combine the wedding with a family reunion, and it is the perfect opportunity for a romantic holiday for your guests. Next in our series of couple’s preferences for wedding destinations is MENA. Middle Eastern weddings are just breathtaking! Every time we witness a Lebanese wedding, we just go WOW! The charm, elegance, and opulence are impeccable and this charm is rapidly extending to other countries in the world. We checked with some renowned wedding planners from the Middle East and Africa on what requests they are getting from couples and here’s what they have to say.


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Couple’s Destination Wedding Preference from Middle East & Africa: Portugal, Italy, Oman, and Morocco.




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Koby Bar Yehuda from Kbydesigns, Israel: I think that Portugal has huge potential, unrevealed yet, competitive pricing and amazing scenery.


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Fabrice Orlando from Cocoon Events, Morocco: Undoubtedly, Portugal, it seems to be in the Boho Chic trend and still affordable for couples looking for a charming destination.




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Krupa Khimji from Mosaic Events Oman: Natural Landscape is stunning in Oman. We have the city hotels surrounded by the ocean, Desert properties as well as lovely properties in the mountains. We have wedding-friendly hotels in the country. We have the infrastructure to support destination weddings locally in the country. The flight connectivity from various parts of the world is very strong to Oman which makes it very travel-friendly.



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Micheline Diab, Giritaly from Lebanon- Italy once again comes in on the top as a firm favorite for destination weddings. Regardless of the region, the romance of Italy continues to entice couples from all over the world. We have observed how Italy becomes more popular each passing year and how it helps many couples to plan their dream Italian wedding. From the Amalfi Coast to Puglia, Sardinia, Rome, Tuscany, Lake Como. All these gems calling couples with diverse destinations.





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Safae El Hakyam from Maev, Morocco: Marrakech because it has an oriental and modern touch for a wedding. Morocco is a country with bright color palettes and the feeling of being in part of an Arabian Nights story, this is a beautiful country to have your wedding nuptials.



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