“Crazy Rich Asians” Wedding Inspiration

Inspired by the bestselling novel, “Crazy Rich Asians” is now a blockbuster film known for its extravagant wedding celebrations. With several over-the-top, stunning décor and fashion visuals, the film made its mark worldwide with a successful run at the box-office. Taking the wedding industry by storm, here are some ways you can incorporate the “Crazy Rich Asians” themes within your matrimonial ceremonies.


Get The Outdoors In


Photographs Courtesy: Antelope Studios


With outdoor weddings dominating the choice of venues for 2018, bringing the outdoors in decked with verdant florals and elaborate décor is the way to go for recreating the magic prevalent in the much-appreciated opulent wedding sequence showcased in the chartbuster, “Crazy Rich Asians”.


Jewel Toned Hues


Photograph Courtesy: Warner Bros.


Saturated colour palettes and jewel toned accents are becoming increasingly popular after the spectacular reception depicted in “Crazy Rich Asians”. Delve into a world of dark tints and textured colour themes for a palatial ambience.


 Crazy Rich Eating


Photographs Courtesy: @crazyrichasians


Feast on a traditional Asian spread with intricate gold-plated tableware and a perky pink floral setup. Keeping customs alive, opt for a red and gold colour scheme for the lavish menus which should ideally comprise of various Asian delicacies for a full-fledged authentic atmosphere.


Gilt Gold


Photograph Courtesy: Warner Bros.


Bringing bling back in a classy manner is the gilded gold bridal ensemble of one of the main protagonists named Araminta who we see throughout the film. Her glitzy look with a lavish gold-leaf beaded bodice paired with metallic Chantilly lace and intricate detailing can be easily replicated.



Feature Image Credit: Warner Bros.