Creative Guest Book Ideas

Bored of the monotony that traditional wedding guest books entail? Think out of the box and get innovative with the various forms of guest book concepts that can be included within your lush nuptials. A memento that will be treasured for life, ought to be exceptionally special. Cherish the words of wisdom your guests shower upon you through these creative ways!


Polaroid Selfies


Photograph Courtesy: Cory Kendra Photography


Make sure your guests snap those selfies using quirky polaroid cameras which can be hung up for everyone to see. Take home a series of snapshots that your loved ones have specially clicked just for you. Post several Instagram posts and stories to garner immense social media buzz, after all we live in a millennial world where you aren’t married until it is publicised on the gram!


Piñata Madness


Photographs Courtesy: Elyse Hall and Amanda Thomsen via Brooklyn Bride


For a DIY option, get some post-it notes for your guests to contribute their love and marriage advice and create a trendy piñata decorated in vibrant colours or drenched in sparkling glitter.  Additionally, you can also convert these festive piñatas into wedding favours if filled with exciting goodies along with precious keepsakes from your guests. Burst open the love!


Vintage Type


Photograph Courtesy: HBA Photography


A vintage typewriter guest book is perfect for a boho-chic, rustic style marriage ceremonials. Bringing back the old world charm with this interactive statement piece will surely make your guests evoke memories of previous times. Also, recreate the highly popular Great Gatsby theme by incorporating such retro elements within your wedding celebrations.


Map It Out


Photographs Courtesy: Orange Turtle Photography and Joey Kennedy Photography


If you are a self-confessed globetrotter or a couple that has endured a fruitful long-distance relationship, your guests can sign the world atlas and a vintage globe with heartfelt messages which you can then preserve as a beautiful memory of your wedding day in your new home. A great way to get wishes from guests around the world. It truly shows that your guests mean the world to you! #CheesyButTrue


Let’s Rock & Roll


Photograph Courtesy: Cavin Elizabeth Photography


Alive and kicking is this super cool trend of personalised pebbles wherein guests can scribe short and sweet messages that you can store for a lifetime in your backyard or placed in an ornamental vase in your living room. Great for home décor, these rock solid memos can be your ultimate prized possessions. Swap your papyrus for some stones or shells and put a twist on the conventional wedding guest book.



Feature Image Credit:@hannahmarilynphoto