Cruisin’ Along With Bhavnesh Sawhney

As the director of Wedniksha, Bhavnesh Sawhney has been a thought leader in the wedding planning space since the initiation. His vision is to redefine the wedding planning space giving it the most state-of-the-art outlook. Under his guidance, Wedniksha has handled some of the most extravagant weddings within India and across and the world, ensuring each wedding is innovatively designed giving a personal touch to the couple.



Bhavnesh with his sense of creativity and art brings to the table, some unique themes and entertainment performances creating the most cherished memories. As an eminent Advisory Board Member for DWP 2019, we spoke to him regarding his approach towards wedding planning and his remarkable journey within the world of weddings.


Who was/is your inspiration for setting foot in the wedding industry?


The wedding industry is an ever-evolving arena, which demands you to be on top of things and have a detailed eye. The overall dynamics of the industry suited my interest to set foot into it extensively. Coming from a background of jewelry and craftsmanship where originality and individuality was of utmost importance, I knew I had to have something innovative, creative and inspirational. Hence, with the same thought we came up with Wedniksha. When we met couples and families we noticed that there was a huge gap in expectations and deliverables, thus to bridge the gap we wanted to create something beautiful that would leave behind memories to cherish for a lifetime. Today, Wedniksha has curated some of the biggest and extravagant weddings of the country as well as worldwide and it’s beyond words to explain the happiness and victory one feels when one receives compliments from the couple. We are elated to turn their dreams into realities!



Who do you think from the new set of planners in recent times will make it big in the industry and why?


The dynamics of the wedding industry and the pace of evolvement completely decides a wedding planners’ scope in the space. While it is nice to have younger minds and newer players join in, it’s the overall experience, knowledge and expertise that they bring which decides their longitude and success. My recent observation after attending and speaking at various International platforms and conferences consensus to the fact that there is an immense pool of talent and if integrated well, it could together, definitely assist newer players giving them the right exposure and experience.



What do you do differently from other Wedding Planners?


Wedniksha has delivered fabulous wedding experiences over the last two decades. From our venues, to our elaborate décor with exclusive floral artists, we house expertise in departments like organization, modern technology, stage design, setups and guest relations. We have the best blend of traditional and modern elements with precise detailing for their once-in-a lifetime event. We create customized experiences in areas of guest entertainment. From hosting International artists to scripting entertaining acts and personalising it to the couple’s life story and escapades, Wedniksha always renders an unforgettable experience for the couple and the guests to treasure for a lifetime.



What are some of the latest trends in the wedding business that you follow?


Personalisation is a massive trend. Customising hashtags and cocktail pop-ups at several weddings sets it apart from all the other ceremonies. Curating an interesting wedding logo with the details or initials of the couple is definitely catching waves. While some like to go with a traditional wedding cake, customising it by incorporating distinctive cake toppers adorned with 3D effects and glitter is definitely trendsetting.



How easy or difficult is it to keep up with changing trends in this dynamic industry?


With the dynamism of the wedding industry, one has to keep up with the rapid pace in terms of the offerings domestically and globally. But our priority is to take into account the desires of the couple, to fulfill their wishes. We have a team of experts that constantly look for newly innovated forms of technology to contribute towards the overall entertainment, provide incredible décor and hospitality on global standards. With globalization, today the world is one single market and so although challenging, it is of vital importance for us to be at par with what is offered. We suggest the latest trends and concepts to the couples and accordingly we decide on the theme of the wedding. While trends keep changing, the core of a celebration stays the same and five years down the line we may see more options but what really matters is the right balance between expectation and execution.



What are some of the benefits and challenges of hosting a destination wedding?


Destination weddings can be fun, but they can be challenging as well. This depends on whether you decide to have a wedding planner or not. From choosing a perfect destination for the wedding to managing the logistics, vendors, travel arrangements; in all of these issues, a good wedding planner can help tremendously. At Wedniksha, we always enjoy tapping new, unexplored destinations. Even clients today are open to suggestions and keen to venture out and book destinations like Southern France, Italy, Turkey, these locales are very popular currently among couples. However, we have also witnessed a shift back in terms of trends where couples are preferring to get married in India itself as it helps to ensure everyone they love can make it for their big day. Destinations in India like Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, Hyderabad, Kerala are being considered increasingly.



Which was the first destination wedding you planned? What were the hardships you faced? How did you overcome them?


Wedniksha has been organizing destination weddings since its initiation. One of the first weddings we organised was a lavish wedding at Sun City Resort in South Africa. We conceptualized and executed the wedding with absolute finesse. Our team of trained wedding professionals perfectly coordinated all the different events with clockwork precision. From the delicious International menu to the outstanding décor and technicalities, right to travel and hotel planning, Wedniksha proved their professional mettle across all disciplines.



 What is the most unique destination wedding that you have planned?


The cruise wedding is definitely one of the most unique weddings we have planned, since we voyaged across several cities. Organizing an Indian nuptial celebration in the midst of the glistening European waters is not something the world gets to see often. It was a star-studded wedding, held on a fully chartered International cruise liner Costa Fascinosa with themed ceremonies along with recreational activities for the guests. The wedding was a complete blend of traditional and contemporary components with a dash of Bollywood pizzazz. It was one of the most distinctive and memorable weddings we have ever planned!



What do you think of the Middle East as an emerging destination for weddings?


The Middle East was an emerging destination for weddings in 2018. We believe that by mid 2019 it would already be hitting the charts as a top wedding destination. Whether it is the serene beaches of Ras Al Khaimah, the ‘city of gold’ Dubai, or the extravagant hotels in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East is a favourite amongst couples looked to get hitched at a destination that radiates luxury. In the recent past, we organized a wedding in Dubai, at Hotel Palazzo Versace which made for an exquisite backdrop for the lavish revelries.



How important are vendors when it comes to executing a wedding? Do you work with a specific set of suppliers or do you source local suppliers, if so how do you find them? Through research, recommendations or some other way?


Vendors are an integral part of any successful wedding. Wedniksha only works with those vendors that have a history of providing quality services and serving good results. With our extensive network in the industry, word of mouth is a key way of finding new upcoming vendor agencies. Wedniksha spends a good deal of time in researching quality vendors. Building a trustable relation and mutual understanding with them is then achieved by our experienced team. Working with local suppliers is always an advantage due to the ease of transportation and storage. In case we are unable to obtain quality suppliers or vendors that suit our requirement, we never hesitate from getting products and supplies shipped from other cities.



Having been an integral part of the DWP Congress over the years, how do you feel being associated with DWP 2019 which is going to take place in Dubai this year?


We are honored to be a part of the DWP Congress. It has grown rapidly from its first annual conference in Greece and successfully made its mark in top destinations across the world traversing different continents and we are extremely happy to be associated with it!




All Images Courtesy: Wedniksha