Don’t Desert Your Love!

The desert aesthetic is trending like wildfire these days. Couples are looking to profess their love outdoors, underneath the shimmering rays of sunshine and amongst nature land. Read on for some incredible desert-inspired wedding ideas and tie the knot anywhere in the world by incorporating these bohemian décor ideas for a modern approach to desert-inspired nuptials.


Verdant Invites


Photograph Courtesy: Joe+Kathrina


Watercolour wedding stationary with desert-inspired elements in the form of illustrative art such as sunshine, sand dunes, cacti and camels add a quirky look and give an insight to how the ceremony will entail.


Earthy Tablescapes


Photograph Courtesy: Marcos Sanchez


Pair a rustic wooden table with verdant greenery including cacti (a staple for any desert-inspired wedding!) along with forest friendly, woody accented cutlery.


Grassy Archways


Photograph Courtesy: Lauren Rosenau


Embrace the lush greenery of the outdoors by incorporating floral arrangements that mirror the al fresco. Make use of the large installations by entering your very own desert wedding in style.


Traditional Entertainment


Photograph Courtesy: Lott’s Photography


Opt for some unconventional entertainment for your big day. Infuse the Arabian culture and traditions with a fun twist on your reception. Let your guests enjoy a Tanoura spectacle or join in on the festivities with the Ayala dance.


Golden Hour Photoshoots


Photograph Courtesy: Rachel Leintz Photography


Make full use of the natural light, dune peaks and scenic landscape. Strike a pose with your fiancé under the glorious sun at a deserted locale or a sprawling desert garden for the perfect wedding portrait.


Don’t Desert The Dessert!


Photograph Courtesy: JP Photography 


Having a selection of desserts along with a decadent, multi-tiered wedding cake is the way to go always! Sugar cookies laced with chocolate covered soil, emerald frosted cupcakes and brown sugar, peanut butter brownies are just some of the suggestions you can adapt for your dessert counter.



Feature Image Credit: Koman Photography