DWP ACE Planner Domestic Award Winner (Middle East): Glory Box Productions By Rula Talhouni, Jordan

Put your hands together for Glorybox Productions by Rula Talhouni as they celebrate their sensational win at the DWP ACE Awards! Started in September 2009, as the brainchild of Rula Talhouni, Glory Box is a fresh take on event management and design with the aim to provide customers with one-off unique events. We got in touch with the Founder of Glory Box Productions, Rula Talhouni who gave us an insight about the company’s comprehensive event planning services and their expertise in creating fully-fledged memorable occasions.



How does it feel to win this prestigious award?


It feels great to receive international recognition and it is great exposure for us.



What motivates you to be so active within this dynamic wedding world?


Seeing our creative ideas flourish and come to life while making our bride and groom’s dreams come true as well as taking our guests into a different fantasy world through our events.



Tell us about your overall journey and how you have achieved this milestone?


It was not easy when we first started but it has been a great, continuous learning experience. Over the years, we’ve learnt to cater for different clients, improved our design skills, execution, quality, attention to detail, time management, large scale production and most importantly redefined the art of patience.



Please provide a word of inspiration for the new, upcoming set of individuals who strive to follow in your footsteps and make it big in the wedding industry?


Be daring and different!



According to you, what are some of the best weddings you have planned till date and how have they shaped your incredible career pathway?


‘A starry engagement’ put us on the map. It was one of the very first events in Jordan where the space was completely transformed. We were given a chance to design and create with no limits.

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was an immersive experience where we introduced 360° projection in a dome for the first time in Jordan.

‘Swan Lake’ was a complete audio-visual production where we incorporated and introduced video mapping within a wedding.




All Photographs Courtesy: Glorybox Productions By Rula Talhouni