DWP ACE Planner Globetrotter Award Winner (Africa): Zapphaire Events, Nigeria

A huge round of applause to Zapphaire Events for their spectacular win at the DWP ACE Awards! Encompassing a sense of spirit and fun, with a fresh and modern approach, the company has planned over 500 weddings and events over the last 15 years. From nuptial ceremonies in the stunning locales of Nigeria to immaculate destination weddings in Europe and beyond, their bespoke events are unique and memorable. We had a chat with Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, the CEO of Zapphaire Events who gave us an insight about the company’s award-winning legacy.


How does it feel to win this prestigious award?


Apart from the excitement and joy I felt that evening, the most rewarding part was being recognized internationally for all the work we do and most especially amongst all my peers worldwide. Overall, having planned events and weddings for over 15 years and destination weddings for the past 7 years, this was truly the icing on the cake!



How has your experience been with the Destination Wedding Planners Congress?


Ever since I’ve started attending this conference, new doors and opportunities have opened up. The gains of networking have been more rewarding than I expected. The connections, the learning and having friends in other countries you can reach out to has been of immense help.



What motivates you to be so active within this dynamic wedding world?


My motivation has been the desire to do more and be more. My motivation is to keep on giving my best and living my dream and passion of creating memories for couples and their families.



Tell us about your overall journey and how you have achieved this milestone.


Being one of the pioneer event planners in Nigeria (as I started 16 years ago) it wasn’t an easy journey. I started at a time when people didn’t even know that they needed planners, but we kept on creating value, being innovative and producing experiences which has brought us this far. Building a great team of fellow planners and colleagues at Zapphaire Events has also helped tremendously. We’ve been able to achieve more than we ever thought we could. Our vision of making dreams come true, creating experiences that wow and exceptional client customer involvements has been our greatest motivation. We always aim to make the next event we plan better than the previous by being unique, different and personalizing each one.



According to you, what are some of the best weddings you have planned till date and how have they shaped your incredible pathway?


There are too many weddings and I can’t seem to say one particular one shaped up my career. Having planned over 500 weddings, it is hard to say but what I will say is that each wedding teaches me something new and different. I learn from the experience and interaction. I gather knowledge even from the incredible vendors and the clients. I keep learning, no matter what.



Please provide a word of inspiration for the new, upcoming set of individuals who strive to follow in your footsteps and make it big in the wedding industry.


It can be done but you have to be ready to work hard along with being smart and unique. What makes you different? Why are you doing it? The passion can’t be over emphasized because that’s what will keep you going. Stay relevant, keep evolving and innovating.




All Photographs Courtesy: Zapphaire Events