DWP ACE Planner Globetrotter Award Winner (The Americas): JZ Events, USA

Give it up for JZ Events as they celebrate their win at the DWP ACE Awards! With a gift for bringing events to life and making them truly unforgettable, Jennifer Zabinski is the highly acclaimed planner behind sports star Serena Williams’ lavish, fairy-tale wedding as well as the recent $200,000 royal baby shower for the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. JZ Events boasts of an array of magnificent weddings and events that they have meticulously planned over the years. We had a chat with the illustrious celebrity wedding and events planner and the Founder of JZ Events, Jennifer Zabinski about the decade of planning experiences curated by the company that are extraordinary in every way.


How does it feel to win this prestigious award?


It’s an honor to be recognized by so many of my talented peers in the industry, and to receive this award!


Venue: The Flagler Museum, Palm Beach FL

Design: Xquisite Events

Photographer: Allan Zepeda


How was your experience at the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019 that took place in Dubai?


This was my second year attending the DWP Congress; it’s a dynamic and engaging conference that builds connections through curated experiences.


Venue: Hotel Bel-Air

Design: The Hidden Garden

Rentals: Revelry Event Designs

Photographer: Amy & Stuart


What motivates you to be so active within this dynamic wedding world?


Weddings and events are constantly evolving; it’s important to step outside of our comfort zone as planners, event partners and suppliers, to heighten our knowledge and make meaningful connections that benefit us and our clients.


Venue: Villa Cimbrone, Ravello Italy

Design: Preston Bailey Entertainment & Set Design

Photography: Gianni Di Natale


Tell us about your overall journey and how you have achieved this milestone.


Throughout the course of my planning career, I have valued partnerships and connections. This is a humbling milestone that reflects the depth of those connections, brought together by amazing events such as the DWP Congress.


Venue: Private Home

Tent: Stamford Tent & Event Services

Design: Ed Libby & Co.

Lighting & Draping: Frost Productions

Photography: Christian Oth


According to you, what are some of the best weddings you have planned till date and how have they shaped your incredible pathway?


Every wedding I plan is so unique and differentiated in its own right, I cannot pick just one!


Venue: Hotel Bel-Air

Design: The Hidden Garden

Rentals: Revelry Event Designs

Photographer: Amy & Stuart


Please provide a word of inspiration for the new, upcoming set of individuals who strive to follow in your footsteps and make it big in the wedding industry.


Strive for continued growth and the exploration of new ideas and opportunities wherever possible.