DWP ACE Social Buzz Award Winner: Teena Barretto, Philippines

Creating a social impact! A huge round of applause to Teena Barretto for her win at the DWP ACE Awards! Touted as the event planner to the stars, she has always had a certain fascination about grand celebrations and parties. Today, Teena is one of the formidable forces that continuously raises the bar in planning thematic and awe-inspiring celebrations in the Philippines, with some of the most notable celebrity weddings and celebrations under her belt. We had a chat with Teena Barretto, a renowned Global Events Planner as well as the Owner/ President at Teena Barretto Events and learnt about how her creative and dynamic take on events planning earned her the respect of other esteemed professionals in the industry, as well as the unwavering trust of tastemakers, celebrities, and social media influencers.



How does it feel to win this prestigious award?


I am honored to receive the DWP ACE Social Buzz Award, knowing that we are being honored by an institution that recognizes global luxury excellence in the wedding industry. This also affirms our aim in redefining celebrations as well as creating buzz and attention from the online community.



What motivates you to be so active within this dynamic wedding world?


The passion and zest to raise the bar higher for the industry fuels my passion. To continue setting benchmarks and maintaining the stance of being the trailblazer and thought leader motivates me to help make life’s milestones into unforgettable moments.



Tell us about your overall journey and how you have achieved this milestone?


My journey is made up of a lot of wins and losses. There were stories of God’s grace over the most difficult challenges and lots of lessons learned. I have always chosen to take the path less travelled. It has always been a personal goal to carve my own path and have my own voice and not be a shadow of anyone. It took a lot of courage to go against the flow, to introduce new set of discipline and norms in what used to be “traditional” and repetitive. The results of which brought me to where I am today. Our team is proud to say that things I have done five years ago are trends now. But complacency is not in our vocabulary. It is our goal to continuously evolve without losing heart.



What garners the maximum amount of digital media engagement around any particular wedding?


There are two things we like to highlight on our social media platforms – the visual spectacle and the raw emotions that surface on the day of the wedding. We try to appeal to the physical and emotional content of every event that we do, to uplift the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes and to highlight the love and affection between the couple and the people around them. One post can show you the intricate details of a masterfully crafted centerpiece, and the other, an emotional moment between the groom and his mother.



Across your social media platforms, which post has gained the highest engagement in the past year?


Last year, the post that garnered the highest engagement was when Cheska Kramer surprised her husband for a renewal of vows on their 10th year anniversary. The multiple photos posted on Instagram was a glimpse of the couple’s different emotions, triumph for Cheska and tears of happiness from Doug.



Please provide a word of inspiration for the new, upcoming set of individuals who strive to follow in your footsteps and make it big in the wedding industry.


Always dream big. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because they will make you learn and become wiser, stronger and better. Compete with no one but yourself. Leave your mark and carve your own niche. Develop your own voice. Never be a copy for one cannot fly high on borrowed wings. Keep the faith that God has more in store for you than you can ever imagine because with Him, all things are possible.




All Photographs Courtesy: Teena Barretto

Feature Image Note: Anjeli Almeda collected the award on behalf of Teena Barretto as she could not be present at the time.