DWP ACE Telly Wedding Show Award Winner: Band Baaja Bride (Goodtimes), India

Lights, Camera, Action! Give it up for the team behind Band Baaja Bride as they celebrate their win at the DWP ACE Awards! Broadcasted on Goodtimes, the show that has captured the essence of modern India while celebrating its traditions. What started out as a makeover show for brides being mentored by Sabyasachi Mukherjee one of India’s leading designers, today it has become a vehicle to address social and cultural issues in an entertaining format. Arati Singh, the CEO of Goodtimes gave us insights on the behind the scenes of one of India’s biggest Television shows which unveils the reality of Big Fat Indian Weddings!


How does it feel to win this prestigious award?


It’s a great feeling to be recognized by an industry that does such fabulous work. We always strive to create programming that reflects what the audiences want and is true to the industry it mirrors so to be recognized within the industry is truly an honor.



How was your experience at the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019 that took place in Dubai?


The DWP event is a meticulously thought out and well executed event. there is immense attention to detail in every sphere from the décor to the hospitality. The quality of the speakers is great so all in all it was a pleasure to be associated with the event.



What motivates you to be so active within this dynamic wedding world?


For Indian audiences, weddings are huge and a great crowd puller. We at Goodtimes TV believe that lifestyle should reflect the interests of the viewer and for Indian viewers nothing is more exciting than watching programmes themed around weddings.



Tell us about your overall journey and how you have achieved this milestone.


With over 11 years of experience, our TV channel has broadcasted a plethora of programming around the Indian lifestyle. We have done three shows around weddings which have been well received by the audience whether it is ‘The big Fat Indian Wedding’, ‘Yaarri Dostii Shaadi’ or ‘Band Baaja Bride’ for which we have won the award for this year.



What goes into creating the most popular wedding TV series?


A lot of hard work and consumer research but the show would not have been possible without Sabyasachi who has played a key role in helping formulate the show and our production partners Face TV who have helped make this show a beautiful and emotional journey.



What kind of content do you keep a close focus on that has a strong impact globally?

The Indian market is very different from the global market so what works internationally, may not work for Indian audiences but having said that we keep a close watch on all content that is emotional and entertaining internationally whether it is based on travel, food or weddings. Reality content works well so we keep a close watch on that as well.



Please provide a word of inspiration for the new, upcoming set of individuals who strive to follow in your footsteps and make it big in the wedding industry.


Understand your consumer and give them more than what they expect. Always get global inspiration but cater to your consumer with local influences.



All Photographs and Videos Courtesy: Goodtimes/Band Baaja Bride