Five Food Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

We’ll miss you so matcha!

Thanks to health food mecca Whole Foods and their group of experts and buyers, we now have with us the list of the trendiest and most relevant food ideas that can give you an edge with an ahead-of-the-curve wedding food menu. We can tell you what didn’t make the cut—mason jars, couple themed cocktails and chalkboards. Can we please leave these behind us, for good?

Thanks to an overall socio-economic and political mood around the world, 2018 sees the rather surprising preference shift amidst newlyweds, looking for healthier, eco-friendly and ethical foods and food sources. We’re seeing the increasing demand of super-powder infused drinks and desserts, plant based main courses and return to basic, more nourishing ingredients. Ranging from exotic maqui berries to ‘super powders’ like tumeric and some unusual nuts and oils, here is our list of the top five superfoods to look out for this year.


Say goodbye to done and dusted roses and orchids this season. Wedding flowers find a new and versatile role in weddings. Floral flavours such as orange blossom and elderflower are one of the biggest food trends for 2018 and can spruce up your wedding menu in spectacular ways. Maybe swap traditional wedding favours for miniature elderflower cakes or jazz up butter for the table using orange blossom and rose petals for a stunning display. These simple details are easy to execute and look picture perfect for a summer celebration.

Plant-based Menu

2018 is increasing becoming more favourable for plant based wedding menus. This year, record number of luxury vendors and planners are offering meat-free food services which don’t compromise on taste or presentation. Matthew Kenney, CEO of Plantlab is one of the world’s most renowned plant-based chefs who is thrilled about more couples opting for gorgeous fresh produce that vegans and non-vegans can enjoy. In an interview with Martha Stewart weddings, the masterchef shares that, “a plant-based menu will energize the special day while also offering a unique experience not typically found at weddings,”. “Summer ingredients are fragrant, full of brilliant colour, and complement the positive spirit of two people coming together in life.” Pinterest too predicted the plant-based food rage about to spread through the year. Some of the top recipes pinned for a conscious menu are cauliflower steaks dressed with pomegranate and saffron yoghurt and rich roasted beetroot tarte tatins with horseradish relish. Yum!

Functional Mushrooms


Super Powders

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2017 was the year of Matcha, Turmeric and Charcoal, as these superfoods took over our lives and social media feeds with easy-on-the-eyes healthy cocktails, desserts and soul bowls. This year, new contenders take over the wellness bandwagon, with Moringa, Maca Root and Cacao powders leading the way. It may seem a little out there, but you could go the extra mile to wow guests with a power smoothie cart for early brunches and breakfasts, or incorporate the gorgeous hues of the powder to your desserts for a perfect palette packed with iron and essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Not only does it taste pretty good, it protects your complexion to keep it stress free and fights fatigue to restore your energy to boogie all night!


Arabian Bites

Middle Eastern-inspired foods are gaining strong momentum in 2018 with growing demand for spices such as turmeric, harissa, cardamom, and za’atar taking centre stage. You’ll also be seeing a lot of tahini, tomato jam and halloumi. Find an expert caterer who can incorporate these exotic flavours to your wedding menu, tailored to the needs of the guests.