Elegant Eucalyptus Décor

Aside for its abundant health benefits and revitalising aroma, eucalyptus is a popular staple amongst wedding décor. The lush greenery can be incorporated in several elements of ceremony ornamentation. Here are some ways you can add these diverse, organic beauties within your nuptial festivities!


Lush Tablescapes


Photograph Courtesy: Kai Heeringa Photography


Opt for a gorgeous eucalyptus runner for your wedding reception tablescape along with luminous candles wrapped in verdant greenery and intricately detailed, flora inspired, whimsical culinary menus.


Botanical Bouquets


Photograph Courtesy: @studiorougephotography 


Mix it up with vibrant blossoms and jade eucalyptus for a bohemian bouquet. The amalgamation of the contrasting colour palette consisting of dark and moody tones with bright tints or pastel hues would definitely be eye-catching.


Suspended Florals


Photographs Courtesy: @harwellphoto and @calliehobbsphotography


Incorporate metallic accents along with eucalyptus garlands within celling and lighting décor for a fresh take on natural beauty. Bring the outdoors, indoors with creative leaf dusted lanterns and chandeliers embellished with foliage.


Celebratory Cakes


Photograph Courtesy: @euanrobertsonweddings


Trim your wonderful wedding cake tiers with gorgeous, fresh eucalyptus instead of the traditional fondant. The addition of this nature inspired confection would give your revelries a chic rustic vibe.


Confetti Toss


Photograph Courtesy: @pearbearphotography


Ditch the sparklers for a fragrant, bohemian post-ceremony eucalyptus toss! Apart from making for a uniquely grand exit, the eucalyptus plant is known for its healing properties and is symbolic of protection and abundance. A great way to begin a prosperous, new journey within your life.



Feature Image Credit: @ireneyapweddings