Emotional Catering: Served.. With Love!

Because a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Food is something the guests enjoy the most during a wedding. It’s 2020! Gone are the days when the buffet was served in a plain, monotonous way. With new delicacies coming every year, new ways of serving have also emerged. Emotional catering is one of them.

Emotional Catering is an idea of ​specialization of the food & show dedicated to special occasions where conviviality and location require particular attention to hospitality and entertainment.


Picture Courtesy: @nuart_events


NuArt is the pioneer of Emotional Catering. “A concept where my passions converge. I created it to arouse emotions that embrace senses. Emotional Catering is an idea in which food & shows join to celebrate special occasions and events where conviviality and particular locations require special attention to welcome and entertainment.” – Gabriele Rizzi, Founder of NuArt Events.

The secret of its success? The special emotional bond created between artists and guests during the event.


Picture Courtesy: @stacysmsphoto


Entertainment in a luxury wedding is one of the most delicate and important moments. It is one of the initial and final acts, it is the first impression and the last memory of your guests and it must stand out for its rhythm and elegance, involving and surprising guests after a day already full of emotions.


Picture Courtesy: @melia_milano


It’s all about creating a unique and memorable experience. Guests tend to stay longer in the ceremony and enjoy the culinary experience in a dynamic and interactive way. Artists serve food in a creative way surrounded by a picturesque setting, creating a special and emotional feeling between artists and guests.


Picture Courtesy: @favole_lab


No longer do we have to watch a stage show from dinner but we can incorporate dancers into the meal. Whether they flutter around the family tables or participate in the execution and service of the meal, interactive, engaging dancers are much more entertaining than a simple show. Dancers can even get your guests out on the dance floor as they encourage the crowd, take hands, and take the energy level up a notch.



Feature Image Credit: @gabrielerizzi_gr