Express Your Essence With Givenchy Beauty!

In a world focused primarily on an image’s aesthetic qualities, I offer a way to return to its source—light itself.

Essence of Shadows examines the presence of light within shadow.


The better part of human nature only shines out when it is contrasted with darkness. Our joys, sorrows, and life itself is nothing more than the interplay between light and dark. Living a balanced life is the only way to manage this precarious give-and-take. And if darkness does come to dominate, it only makes the good memories shine that much brighter. A solid foundation makes it possible to maintain the course and sometimes even enjoy a few happy missteps along the way. Beauty follows the exact same rules. It’s a question of balance, choice, desire, and having the right tools to see it through. The 2019 autumn collection is inspired by the desire to be. To shine. To make yourself happy.


Prismissime – Nine-Colour Eyeshadow Palette



In a classic dark room, shadows are created with light, and light emerges from shadow. With the new generation of Prismissime, which offers an easy application method and an effective way to structure your gaze, the interplay between dark and light has now reached the eyes. This eyeshadow palette is a magic square of nine colours that play with the reflection and absorption of light. Pearlescent pigments of varying sizes offer multiple levels of shine. Choose from three-dimensional matte, satin, and metallic finishes. The new Prismissime formula is talc free and created through an injection and evaporation process. This light-wearing, long-lasting (12 hours!) and innovative formula delivers intense, high impact colour. One edition Prismissime No.1 Essence of Greys features nine colours that recreate the pointillist range of greys seen in analogue film. The second Prismissime No.2 Essence of Browns combines various tones of warm sepia that recall the colours used in the very first photographs.


Rouge Interdit Vinyl- Extreme Shine



This autumn show off your light and dark side by sporting a non-conventional nude lipstick. Two limited-edition shades were created for the Essence Of Shadows collection: Rouge Interdit Vinyl No. 20 Shadow Pink, a natural pink beige, and Rouge Interdit Vinyl No. 19 Shadow Purple, a pink pearlescent shade that captures light over a grey base. The result is a sheer, light, reflective and pearlescent layer of colour. Colour and light are created with a minimum amount of product that’s a cinch to apply. Whether you opt for a quick boost or a sparkling pop of colour, turn your lips into a canvas for self-expression.



All Images Courtesy: @givenchybeauty