Fascinating Facts About Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan oasis of ultramodern architecture and luxury lifestyle. With several unknown yet fascinating facts, the city of superlatives is incredibly unique in its own right. Here is a roundup of some of the most interesting revelations about Dubai. Did you know about these about these mind-blowing facts?


Soaring Sculpture


Photograph Courtesy: Atlantis, The Palm


The Dale Chihuly sculpture located in the Grand Lobby of the luxurious Atlantis, The Palm is an unparalleled symbol of whimsical virtuosity. It was crafted with great attention to detail using 3000 hand-blown pieces of glass that were individually placed by hand to create the 10-metre-high entry centrepiece.


Sunset Elevation


Photograph Courtesy: www.businessinsider.com


Referred to as ‘A Living Wonder’ by Emaar Properties, the towering edifice rises over 828 metres above ground level. Due to its ginormous stature, some of its residents living on the 150th floor and higher can view the glorious sunset at a later stage than citizens who live on lower floors.


All That Glitters Is Gold


Photograph Courtesy: @burjalarab


Known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab uses enough gold to cover the iconic Mona Lisa painting 46, 265 times! Real 24-carat gold leaf bedecks approximately 22,000 square feet of the interiors. Be sure to witness the glamour of gilt at this uber-extravagant property.


Race To The Finish Line


Photograph Courtesy: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


One of the most intriguing sports in the world, camel racing is an exhilarating popular activity in Dubai and across the Middle East. In recent times, the age-old tradition is getting a modern makeover with the addition of robot jockeys instead of human riders as a sign of a ‘more humane’ form of racing.


Expats Galore!


Photograph Courtesy: www.expatconnect.com


As noted in a recent World Migration Report, Dubai has the largest foreign-born community of all world cities which is at a whopping 83 per cent of the total population! The influx of expatriates makes it one of the fastest growing cities the across the globe.



Feature Image Credit: @who.sane