Flourishing Florals: Van der Plas

With their motto being ‘flourishing together’, Van der Plas is a leading floral supplier for luxury event planners with a strong focus on provided nothing but the best for their clientele. We had a quick chat with Nino Cossu, the Sales Manager at Van der Plas who spoke about the company’s mission towards creating blossoming beauty with everything they do and their association with the 6th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress as the Welcome Reception Floral Partner.



Tell us about yourself and your incredible company? Where did it all start?


Our company started 50 years ago. The previous owner bought flowers at the auction and drove with his truck through Germany and sold flowers during the way. During the years he made a successful business out of it. Currently, this company is part of the Floral Trade Group and together they are the top 3 biggest flower exporters in the world, but we still know the value of working together. Van der Plas provides excellent service for high profile wedding and events.



How would you describe your experience of working as a floral partner for the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019?


We were we so grateful to be part of the DWP Congress. These events are so valuable for us to showcase our quality of flowers. Our presence as a Floral Providing Partner during the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019 resulted in many prospective collaborations with world renowned wedding and event planners, not only because of our standard high quality of florals, but also due to the way we work and add value to our partners.



What are 3 key things that you adhere to when provided florals for any occasion?


We attain choicest products from the best growers in the world whilst keeping in mind the amount, quality and price agreement. We strive towards delivering niche products almost all year round (for example; flowers like peonies). Last but not the least, as a company we believe in adding value to every project by thinking ahead about prices with growers and species which will fit into the budget along with consulting in how to treat flowers after the shipment period.



What flowers were used for the décor at the Welcome Cocktail Reception of the Destination Wedding Planners Congress ?

Where were they sourced from? And in total how many flowers were used?


We used a total amount of 30, 000 stems of flowers! Some of these exotic blossoms include; anthirium pink (snapdragons), eucalyptus (cinerea and senecio), hortensia (hydrangea), peonies (in the colour coral sunset), white and salmon tinted phalenopsis, tulips and an assortment of roses from the best grower available on the market, Meijer.



How do the weather conditions affect your choice?


The weather could always affect your choice of flowers, but the most important thing is to pick and showcase the highest quality flowers, designed to impress. Our collaboration with EventChic Designs made did just that and our collaboration exhibited what our combined force is capable of.



All Photographs Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai