Foraying Into The Fabulous World Of Furniture: Latini Design

Classic furniture never goes out of style. Timeless furniture pieces add a chic elegance to an event by enhancing the ambiance of the venue and locale. The intricate detailing is vital as it integrates a sense of the baroque style within the set up. Latini Design is an Italian company with experience and expertise in the sector of rental of design furniture for events, ceremonies and trade fairs. Owing to its logistic organisation and commercial presence in the cities of Rome, Florence and Milan, Latini Design operates throughout Italy. Here is an insight of their association with the spectacular Planners Xtraordinaire Show and how the esteemed company forayed into the world of furniture.


Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?



It all started in 2010 where at the beginning our core business was just about renting cutlery, for restaurants and catering companies. However, we were often asked to provide furniture like chairs or tables as well, which we actually didn’t have. At a later stage, we considered offering a wider range of products to our clients and in a couple of months we ended up buying a bigger warehouse and renting all kinds of furniture for events and weddings because at the time that was the easiest way for us to improve our business.

What are the different kinds of rentals you provide and what events do you cater towards?




Today we are finally able to meet the demand for any type of events. We provide chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, bars, counters, coffee tables, table linen, chandeliers, lanterns and many more. Moreover, we constantly seek to deliver our clients with newly designed products since our aim is to offer something new and unique for all the events we set up; that’s the main reason why we have the ability to cater towards all sorts of events and ceremonies.


How important is the venue when it comes to showcasing your furniture designs?


The venue is extremely relevant for the outcome of any event, but we think it’s not necessary to have “the most beautiful venue” in order to put on a grand event that impresses the attendees. Actually, we find the idea of providing furniture for a “standard location” very challenging because this usually requires a lot of creativity and passion to make it successful and that’s how we love to work.


How did the venues for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show help you to execute your exquisite furniture designs?



The venues for the PX Show were amazing: the Sheraton Lake Como was the perfect match of elegance and comfort, so we had the opportunity to use different forms of furniture. Consequently, Villa Erba and The Grand Hotel Imperiale with their scenic views of the gleaming Lake Como gave us the chance to execute the most aesthetic furniture.


Was there a set color scheme you were following?



Rose Gold was predominantly incorporated throughout the various events as it really complemented all the three lush venues. For the Gala Dinner at Villa Erba we also chose silver metallic accents to enhance the grandeur of the luxurious locale.


What was your inspiration behind the furniture structure chosen for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


Our inspiration for the dinner at Villa Erba were the great American gala dinners and we wanted to add a touch of our Italian culture which was possible due to the enchanting venue and the beautiful mirrored furniture.


What was your favourite piece that you curated for the special Planners Xtraordinaire event?



Our favourite piece was no doubt the bold statement set up for the Gala Dinner. We would also like to thank the other great partners who got involved because of whom we managed to get the best outcome possible.


How would you describe your experience of working as a furniture partner for the luxurious Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


The whole experience at the PX Show was a great opportunity for us to get to know the best planners and professionals of the wedding industry. We really enjoyed sharing our ideas and learnt several new things. Working as a furniture partner for the PX Show was an absolute honour for us! We also got the chance to gain more visibility and grow professionally as a business enterprise. We are really grateful for the opportunity of taking part in this amazing experience.


All photographs courtesy: ManiSol Wedding