Geometric Cakes

Abstract art illustrated on delectable desserts are one of the sweetest trends right now! Geometric patterns are super creative and can be uniquely designed to your preference. What are you waiting for? Satisfy your sweet tooth with these creative, geometric wedding cakes!


Watercolour Wonders


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Team up the watercolour effect with geometric patterns. The statement confection would look gorgeous aesthetically with a moody, dark-hued colour wash of colours. Adorn the creation with intricate symmetrical fondant detailing with copper accents for a Great Gatsby-esque appearance.


Minimalistic Motifs


Photographs Courtesy: and Sweet Cheeks Baking Company


A grand, multi-tiered wedding cake embellished with geometric, hexagonal motifs in pastel tones would make for an elegant creation. Geometrical shapes gilt in gold along with a subdued colour palette for the layers are the way to go for the minimalist bride.


Paint Splatters


Photographs Courtesy: Melissa Biador Photography and Blue Note Bakery


Opt for a classic ivory cake base and smother it with splatters of paint. The contrast of the sophisticated white cake and addition of the vibrant hues is ultra-modern. Keep the overall effect classy with a metallic, geometric inspired cake topper. The geometric element will shine through alongside the radiant creation.


Mediterranean Mosaics


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If you envision your big day to be on a luxurious private island on the Amalfi Coast or in a lavish villa in the South of France, this cake encrusted with Mediterranean mosaic tiles is super fitting. Pick a bright colour scheme for the detailing so that it reflects your dream summer ceremony.


Retro Blocks


Photographs Courtesy: Scott Michael Photography and Zoe Clark Cakes


Incorporate retro-style abstract blocks in any colour of your choice. The little cubes can be created from smooth fondant to give the wedding cake a porcelain finish. Add some sparkle with metallic accents interwoven within the vintage design.



Feature Image Credit: Take A Bite Bahamas, Patisserie Montebello and Sweet Celebrations Patisseries