Get Your Spook On With These Wicked Wedding Ideas!

Say ‘I Boo’ to your one and only at a Halloween themed wedding ceremony! A spooky fest with magically mysterious elements and the eerie autumnal breeze would be perfect for the non-traditional bride who wants to celebrate her memorable day in style.


Peculiar Photoshoots


Photograph Courtesy: @veetaylorphoto


Create an ambiance that is ethereal and unique with a styled pre-wedding photoshoot complete with eccentric costumes and sinister makeup. Fulfil your supernatural desires with a personalised shoot in a remote, haunted location and embrace the eeriness in the air.


Spooky Stationery


Photograph Courtesy: @whitewillow_weddings


Your wedding invitations don’t need to have ghostly pop up art or goblin iconography for them to resemble the Halloween season. Incorporate shades of grey, ivory and black along with metallic gilded calligraphy for a subtle nod to the spooky festival.


Gothic Glamour


Photograph Courtesy: @paolo_sebastian


A black wedding gown is a must if you’re hosting a Halloween themed ceremonial! Refrain from scaring your guests away with a ghostlike costume and terrifying makeup, instead don a stunning creation with an embroidered bodice or bejewelled shimmer paired with a fall-inspired makeup look.


Moonlit Mystique


Photograph Courtesy: @chloeleephoto


Channel the Tim Burton vibe and opt for a chilling ceremony archway. Step into a world that is hauntingly beautiful as you promise your partner, till death and beyond.


Autumnal Hues


Photographs Courtesy: @alyssastrongarm


Integrate shades that resonate with the fall season like auburn, burgundy and emerald within your tablescape décor. Keep the floral arrangements minimalistic with hints of eucalyptus and rust maple leaves.


Devilish Desserts


Photograph Courtesy: @vanessaperkinsphotography


Make a bold statement with a delicious multi-tiered confection adorned in rich, dark hues along with a showstopping cake topper. Bring out the eerie feels with a gothic twist on a decadent delicacy with a velvety crimson glaze and dense death by chocolate ganache.



Feature Image Credit: @saltysirenphotography