Givenchy Beauty: Le Soin Noir

It is the most legendary skincare line by Givenchy. A black formula with an Haute Couture sensory feel and a  treasure trove of active ingredients.


Since its launch in 2008, Le Soin Noir has constantly reinvented itself and continues to astonish us. First, it amazes us thanks to its unique colour inspired by Vital Black Algae Sap, an essential concentrate sourced from an alga with an exceptional power to survive and regenerate itself. The formula is now enriched with an alga extract sourced at the gametophyte stage, an early phase in the alga’s cellular development which is also when it releases the greatest amount of vital energy. A period of intense metabolic activity that goes hand in hand with an extraordinary concentration of antioxidant molecules.

With this new formula, Le Soin Noir offers your skin complete regeneration. Vital Black Algae Sap stimulates the renewal of the epidermis and regenerates the dermal matrix*. Skin is firmer, plumper and redensified. Meanwhile, the algae extract at the gametophyte stage helps to protect the skin from free radicals from the very first application and offers a long-lasting effect. It helps to preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

Today, Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir 3rd Generation is available in a new, unique texture: a Crème Légère that combines prodigious efficacy with miraculous sensoriality for skincare that is adapted to suit combination to oily skin, as well as hot and humid climates.

* In vitro test on ingredients



The Secret Of Exclusive Technology


The star ingredient of Le Soin Noir since its creation, Vital Black Algae Sap has multiple regenerating and revitalising effects on skin. In 2018, the formula was enriched with a complementary algae extract sourced using an innovative extraction process.

Givenchy Laboratories have cracked the code of algae’s life cycle and identified the gametophyte stage as the exact moment when they release the greatest amount of essential energy. This is also when the alga’s ability to survive is at its peak and its capacity to renew itself strongly increases. But the gametophyte stage is a very brief phase in the alga’s development and impossible to capture in its natural environment.

After years of research, innovative technology now makes it possible to source algae at the gametophyte stage by cultivating them in controlled ponds with an ideal stability. The algae are frozen so that they stay intact: time stops at the most precious moment. Their essential molecules are then extracted thanks to a cutting-edge process.

Infused with the alga’s extraordinary nourishing properties at the gametophyte stage, the skin benefits from instant and lasting protection against free radicals: the visible effects of oxidation are immediately reduced. The epidermis is revitalised. All the skin’s life forces appear preserved.


The Power Of Delicacy


With Crème Légère, Givenchy has introduced a new generation texture: a fresh and exquisite gel-cream that bursts into moisture on application to fuse better with the skin. Its blackness disappears and its magic unfolds. Evanescence goes hand in hand with efficacy: this is the original strength of Le Soin Noir, which is transmitted to cells by this incredibly light cream.

Delicately nourished, the skin is instantly more supple. Over time, its firmness, density and luminosity are restored. Wrinkles are smoothed. The contours of the face are redefined. The skin’s texture is refined. The complexion is brightened. The skin begins a visible rejuvenation.


Crème Or Crème Légère?


It’s all a question of sensory pleasure. The Crème and Crème Légère have comparable performances, but while the Crème is rich, creamy and melting, the Crème Légère feels ethereal and ultra-fine.

These two complementary textures are adapted to suit every preference, as well as all types of skin (in principle, the Crème is recommended for dry skin, while the Crème Légère is best for combination to oily skin) and even weather conditions: the Crème is perfect in winter and can be followed by the Crème Légère in summer or in warmer parts of the world.



The Ritual


To take advantage of all the benefits of Le Soin Noir Crème Légère, Givenchy has developed a unique ritual inspired by Kobido, an ancestral Japanese anti-ageing massage technique.

  • Apply the Crème Légère all over the face and neck by carrying out a smoothing massage.
  • Using the spatula, apply gentle pressure to the forehead, between the eyebrows and under the eyes and lips.
  • Carry out a smoothing and enveloping massage of the whole face to perfect this signature ritual.


Le Soin Noir: The Range



Cleanse & Remove Make Up


Le Soin Noir DémaquillantA black gel texture that transforms into a sensual emulsion to gently purify your skin.

Le Soin Noir Rituel De Nettoyage: Cleanser packed with active ingredients and black pearl powder, combined with a delicate vegetable sponge: the promise of soft, smooth, pure and flawless skin.




Le Soin Noir Lotion Essence: A fresh, lightweight lotion that acts on the quality of the skin’s environment to maximise the effects of products in the Le Soin Noir ritual.




Le Soin Noir 3rd Generation Crème: A generous and velvety formula that melts into the skin, leaving it smoother, firmer and more luminous day after day, while enveloping it in a divine sensation of comfort.


Le Soin Noir 3rd Generation Crème Légère: Adapted to suit combination to oily skin, as well as hot and humid climates, the soft, airy gel texture of the Crème Légère fuses with the skin for a sheer effect, revealing its freshness and light.


Le Soin Noir 3rd Generation Crème Yeux: Silky and creamy, Le Soin Noir Crème yeux intensely nourishes, hydrates, illuminates and redensifies the skin around the eyes. The eye area appears re- energised, fresher and more radiant.


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All Images Courtesy: @givenchybeauty