Golden Hour Wedding Photography

The term ‘Golden Hour Photography’ is a common photography term that will definitely be in your lexicon if you are planning an elaborate photoshoot ahead of or post your seraphic nuptials. Golden hour is that magical time, essentially one hour before sunset when the light is just perfect for photographs. Give your photographer the freedom to get creative and capture your glowing moments that you will cherish for a lifetime!


Warm Summer


Photograph Courtesy: @evanrphotography


The great outdoors, under a blanket of sunshine with your loved one spells absolute bliss. Be one with nature and enjoy a styled photoshoot on sprawling lawns, floral gardens or a miraculous rainforest. Switch from cliché to classic wedding poses as your photographer clicks away and captures the true essence of the golden hour.


Beachside Bae


Photograph Courtesy: @picturethisstudios/@wilmaricrouse


Escape the lacklustre bridal photos by organising a glamorous photoshoot surrounded by the iridescent open waters and a hazy sun flared atmosphere. Don your formal ceremony attire for an elegant look or dress down in casual apparel for a relaxed vibe. Be sure to schedule a time slot in advance and co-ordinate with your photographer to capitalize on the golden hours at any particular beach locale.


The Greenhouse Effect


Photograph Courtesy: @eileenkphoto


Along with the golden hour photography style, a glass dome reflection via natural conservatory sites such as a greenhouse or a bird sanctuary would be ideal for a couple who are planning an eco-friendly, green wedding. Let mother nature wave its magic over your marital photographs.


At The Top


Photograph Courtesy: @ryanwilliamsphotography


Make the most of this awe-inspiring lighting situation by travelling to the top. Hike up a mountain or drive to a clifftop for unforgettable panoramic views. Enjoy a sundowner as your appointed photographer snaps romantic pictures of the two of you at various hilltop sites. Ideal for the risktakers and adventure junkies out there, the twilight captured at these stellar spots are worth the trip!


Tunnel Of Love


Photograph Courtesy: @matatenafotografia 


There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Symbolic of new beginnings filled with love, laughter and eternal togetherness, step into a tunnel of love whilst the photographer captures the shimmering gaze of sunlight through a chink of the antique brick passageway.


Winter Sunset


Photograph Courtesy: Maddy Christina International Wedding Photographer


Travel to a cool location for a set of wedding photographs against the backdrop of the cotton candy sunset on a snow covered frozen lake. Embrace the warm toned sun-kissed hues in contrast to the wintery chill. Tints of pinks and purples of the glorious sunset dyeing the sky as you pose amongst the magnificent glaciers in your ceremonial clothing. Brave the frostiness for epic photographs!



Feature Image Credit: @amandabasteen