Gorgeous Hairstyles For Your Bridesmaids!

As your closest bffs stand next to you for your D-Day, they have to look stunning from head to toe. These gorgeous hairstyles are just the finishing touch they need in order to complete their bridal party look. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these pretty hair dos and adapt them on your girlfriends during your wedding revelries!


Bombshell Braids


Photograph Courtesy: @taylor_lamb_hair


For a statement hairdo, your #girlsquad can incorporate various styles of braids for your big day. Whether it be elaborate fishtail braids, cascading waterfall braids, cute milkmaid braids, loose messy braids, the options are truly endless!


Elegant Updos


Photograph Courtesy: @jordanvoth


Mix and match with chic updos that look super sophisticated and classy. Each bridesmaid can adapt their hairstyles according to their preference with funky twists, French chignons or stylish top knots.


Beachy Waves


Photograph  Courtesy: @laurenpeele


For an ultra-glam yet modish look, take inspiration from the sun, sand and beach waves by spritzing some sea salt spray onto your tresses for some added volume. Scrunch it up and you’re good to go!


Accessorize To Impress


Photograph Courtesy: @elysewhall


Accessorize your locks with embellished headbands, lush blossoms, bohemian brooches or regal crowns. Let your bridesmaids pick their vibe and prepare for them to stun your guests with an eclectic yet bold appearance with these quirky hair adornments.


Silky Sleek


Photograph Courtesy: @etherandsmith


Keep it simple and minimalistic with a sleek and straight hairstyle. Instead of a tonged blowout, embrace the natural look with a straight blow dry or a flatiron (for our curly-haired bridesmaids out there!). #longhairdontcare



Feature Image Credit: @christinedonee