Have A Merry Wedding!

Christmas is just around the corner, and if your wedding is too, then the only wish you can make to Santa is that your wedding goes well. Christmas weddings are fun-filled and give chills to the bones. And why not! It‘s a double celebration of love. Festive décor and little Christmassy details can take a December wedding to the next level, so today we’re sharing some stylish Christmas wedding inspiration.


X-Mas Tree


Photograph Courtesy: @jenniferkathrynphotography


Christmas is incomplete without the X-Mas tree. So why not include it in the wedding decor. It can be the main centerpiece at the end of the aisle where you and your fiancé stand, or you can have small ones decorated throughout the reception venue. Whichever route you decide on, a Christmas tree has to be invited to the party, as it is the symbol of the season.


Warm It Up!


Photograph Courtesy: @aliciakingphoto


It’s cold outside and what can be more amazing than a cozy couple shawl. Incorporate this idea on your wedding day to give a warm vibe, and later, just use it to cuddle with your spouse.


Ride On Forever


Photograph Courtesy: @orangegirlphotos


Say ‘goodbye’ to the guests and ‘hello’ to your new life in style by ditching the conventional car and bundle up for a cozy sleigh ride for a romantic end to your Christmas wedding.


X-Mas Decor


Photographs Courtesy: @robynrachelphotography & @mkphoto


Centerpiece ideas are endless when working with a Christmas theme. Think evergreens, pine cones, logs, lanterns, and candles. If it makes you feel like you want to cozy up next to a fireplace by looking at it, then it’s the right centerpiece!


Magical Snow


Photograph Courtesy: @rebeccahollisphotography


Red is an amazing color, especially when everything is covered in white. Create a magical moment by bringing in a floral backdrop that you and your spouse will cherish for a lifetime.


Welcome To The Party!


Photograph Courtesy: @aquarius.ds


Christmas doesn’t have to be all reds and greens! Why not welcome your guests with fun festive signage? Customize it by adding the wedding schedule or by mentioning your hashtag.


Santa Loves Cake!


Photograph Courtesy: @pinterest


Pinecones, white roses, lace, red berries, and evergreen branches decorated on a beautiful snow-like white cake is exactly what you need to cherish Christmas and the wedding at the same time. This holiday cake evokes a hint of a country wedding feels.


Wedding Invites


Photograph Courtesy: @pupmuffinpaper


Let your guests know in advance that they don’t have to decide between the holidays and your wedding by sending an invitation which blends the elements of a wedding seamlessly with that of holidays.


Red & White


Photograph Courtesy: @lolarosephotos


Bridesmaid coverups in the form of fur coats and elegant shawls are an easy way to add a hint of sophistication to your bridal party. Some good options are a red tartan coverup against dark blue dresses or a dramatic black fur coverup. However, you can also choose to blend the color of the cover-up to your bridesmaid dresses for a sleek and streamlined look.



Feature Image Credit: @stubtonhall