Honeymoon Hotspots: The Game Of Thrones Way!

With the ultimate season of Game Of Thrones clocking in, and as we wait with bated breath, in anticipation of the grand finale that will be airing next week, get inspired by these GOT backdrops for your very own post-nuptial vacay! Looking for some legendary locales for a blissful, romantic getaway? Here are some of the most epic Game Of Thrones filming locations that would make for the perfect honeymoon spots. This one’s for all you ardent Game Of Thrones fans!




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Remember the iconic forest where Arya heads north in search of her family? The whimsical tunnel of trees is the most photographed spot in Northern Ireland! Ireland is home to approximately twenty key Game of Thrones real life filming location hotspots. Here, you and your loved one can get a gist of the majestic, medieval Winterfell Castle and revisit the iconic, heart wrenching scene that of the Red Wedding which took place at Audley’s Castle amongst several other thrilling activities.




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Well known as being one of the most iconic locations in all of Game Of Thrones, Croatia is the birthplace to King’s Landing, home of the iron throne. The gorgeous country is dotted with luxurious hotels, primordial cathedrals and exotic national parks. Be sure not to miss the beachy town of Split where all your Mediterranean fantasies can be turned into reality. Croatia is a place that appeals to one and all owing to its mix of modernity and ancient history.




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One of the cultural centers of Europe and a prominent part of Game Of Thrones, especially in the final season, Spain is filled with sapphire seas, sunshine and flamboyant civilization. The Alcázar of Seville, which is a famed Andalusian royal palace stands in for Dorne’s Water Palace of Sunspear and is the home of the royal Martell family. For a leisurely retreat, make your way to sunny Spain to lounge near the pristine seaside and stroll across the antique El Salvador Square.




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The Nordic Island is a sight to behold with its natural scenic beauty. Iceland has served as the backdrop for many memorable scenes within Game Of Thrones. The Grjotagja Cave was where Jon Snow and Ygritte made it official and the stunning peak of Kirkjufell was showcased as the Arrowhead Mountain throughout seasons six and seven. For all the adventure junkies out there, you can hike up Iceland’s mountainous landscape, witness the Northern Lights and rejuvenate at celestial waters of The Blue Lagoon during your exciting honeymoon.




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One of the most prominent locations showcased in the prolific drama is the Ait Benhaddou situated in the southern Moroccan province of Ouarzazate. The architectural masterpiece is a World Heritage Site by Unesco and the second most instagrammed Game Of Thrones site. The Unsullied’s city, Astapor is where Danerys freed the slaves and hence was declared as the Breaker of Chains. Explore the historical beauty of Morocco with your loved one!



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