How to Plan Your Perfect Elopement Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

During this uncertain and often disappointing time, the Coronavirus has led many couples to rethink completely. Rather than dwell on lost opportunities, they have changed their mind on what they even want for their wedding. Elopement style weddings on the rise amid COVID-19 pandemic. When did weddings become synonymous with massive guest lists, Instagram hashtags, and wishing wells? Eloping is firming up as a serious option for thousands of couples in engagement limbo — here’s why you should do it. I know you may be thinking, “Could we actually elope?” I hope these tips are helpful for you as you’re thinking about how to elope!


Come Up With A Budget


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Elopements do generally cost less than a traditional wedding. Mainly because you’re saving on venue costs, rentals, and food. However, if you’re hiring a photographer to spend the entire day—or weekend—with the two of you, those costs might be comparable to hiring them for a traditional day.


Decide When, Where, Who!


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Decide who you want to be there. Usually, elopement is usually a gathering of 10 or fewer people to celebrate your marriage. Do you want it to be just the two of you? Are there a handful of family members or friends that you’d like to take along. If you are planning an elopement now with a second celebration later, decide on the dates and get down with “Change the Date” cards. For locations, with COVID-19, your options may be limited, but start to think about options early on.  Vegas is not your only option! It can be as simple as your own backyard. Here are a few options to consider:

  • City Hall
  • Private Beach
  • Secluded Forest
  • Mountains
  • Backyard


Reach Out To Your Vendors


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Let your planner know that you are changing the plans. Reach out to the other vendors you have for your day such as Officiant / Celebrant, hair & makeup artist, and florist with your new dates. If your photographer and planner has been helping you organize this they should be able to help you with this, too. As long as the number of guests present does not violate any of the restrictions mandated for social distancing and social gatherings, you can consider inviting the important folks in your life. Please be kind to your vendors. Do not ask them to break the law for you.


Livestream Your Big Day!


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How can our guests still be a part of our wedding if we elope? Great question! Make sure you’ve set up your streaming account prior to your elopement day. Test the signal at your elopement spot. Some remote elopement locations may not be able to be streamed if there isn’t any service. Ask your guests to still dress up like they were coming to your wedding!


Get It Legalized


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Some locations require a photography permit for your elopement. On the topic of permits and legal things, marriage license and proof of identity are a must! Every country is different in regard to the number of witnesses, how to apply, and how long the license is valid for, so make sure to check the requirements in advance. When the deed is done, have a fun, casual post-nuptial party to celebrate with loved ones.



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