In Health.. And In Quarantine!

“Love will find a way”
A Spanish couple whose planned wedding was ruined by the countrywide lockdown due to Coronavirus found a way to still say ‘I do’ and get married to each other. The couple decided to get married leaning out of their apartment balcony and got their neighbors to help while maintaining social distance.

Nearly a year of planning had gone into the day: fresh flowers filled the venue, name cards sat at each of the 190 place settings and the final nips and tucks had been sewn into the bridal gown in Galicia, Spain, there was a marriage that even the coronavirus was unable to postpone. A beautiful love story of Alba Díaz, a professional wedding planner, and her boyfriend Daniel Camino, the two, over a year ago, had decided to get married in a small village in northern Spain transforming a warehouse into the venue of their dreams on Saturday 14 March 2020, on their eleventh anniversary of the first meeting.

Then, on what had been planned to be the big day – guests started sending videos of themselves with their hair done and dressed up just as if they were going to the real ceremony. And that is when Daniel had the idea of carrying on anyway, even though they will have to have a legal ceremony later.

The next-door neighbor was swiftly recruited to lead the ceremony from his window while another was enlisted as a witness. Diaz wore the gown she had sewn to wear before their plans had changed, while Camino dug out a suit he had worn to a recent wedding. A bouquet was crafted out of a few boxes of flowers that hadn’t been used at the venue.


A Wedding With Appropriate Social Distance


Alba had left her wedding dress behind in Lujo, where the ceremony should have taken place, so she donned a gown she had planned to wear at the reception. Daniel put on a suit he had worn to a recent wedding he had attended and they were ready to go.

And so the officiating neighbor shouted from his window: “On this special day, two friends get married. Alba, do you want Daniel as your husband?” “Of course I do,” she shouted.

Alerted by the noise, other neighbors poked their heads out of their windows to hear the next words: “Daniel, do you want Alba as your wife?” “Of course I do, for the rest of my life,” he answered. Applause and cheers rang down the street as the bride threw a bouquet of red flowers to a neighbor, among calls from witnesses up and down the street insisting Alba and Daniel seal the moment with a kiss.