Into The Woods

We love the whole ‘high school sweetheart’ kind of romance, and this story just deepens our belief in true romance all over again. It all started when the bride Martina Cavagna met Giovanni Cappello during her school days. They fell in love during the University years and started to live together a couple of years back. Both of them are huge fans of ‘The Lord of The Ring,’ and nature, so they wanted something which resonates with their affinity.


The set up of this nature-focused wedding was designed by Diana Da Ros and her team who envisioned to make the couple’s vision into reality by incorporating few personal aspects like the couple’s favorite movie, hence the various green colors.





The decor focused on a big central iron hoop and had vivid elements like moss columns, lanterns, candles, wood stands, and antique metal cups. The flower garden was crafted meticulously and had moss lichens woodland leaves, beech elm, fern plants, ivy berries, roses, gentians and bellflowers from color varying from light pink to touches of blue.




The wedding took place in Hotel Bad Schoergau in Italy and had 90 guests who witnessed the union of the bride and the groom. The location was scenic with chairs located on a wooden bridge which has a wide panoramic natural view.






“After the first site inspection at the venue, I decided to walk around, into the forest. I wanted to get inspiration from nature. After 5 minutes of walking, I saw an incredible landscape with an old wooden bridge, and I immediately imagined the ceremony happening there.” -Diana Da Ros.







We love the use of local and organic elements which encouraged healthy eating at the wedding. A wooden block was truncated to form a plate that served assortments. Mattia Baroni, a resident chef at Bad Schoergau, used natural and local elements and ingredients like mountain pine, mountain hay from the Alpe di Siusi and vine water from the Manincor Winery.









Vendor List:

Wedding Planner: Diana Da Ros

​Venue​: Hotel Bad Schoergau

Wedding Photographer: The Fashion Wedding

Backstage Photographer: Daniele Petta

Florals: Alberto Menegardi

Stationary: Loveday

Wedding Cake: Have Some Cake UK 

Bridal Dress: Annagemma Milano

Grooms’ Attire: Andros Abbigliamento Monza

Make-up & Hairstyling: Fabienna Rea