It’s All About The He’ART’

Join in on this maximalist trend that is incredibly awe-inspiring and conforms to all the guidelines that millennial couples are looking to incorporate within their wedding celebrations out there! Take a cue from these dazzling and amazingly creative art installations that will satisfy all your artistic needs.


A Forest Of Dreams


Photograph Courtesy: Wedding Style/DesignLab Experience


With an unconventional twist on greenery embracive gardens, this violet streaked magical wilderness themed art installation defines the beauty of nature in its truest element. Hues of mauve through technological elements complement the fresh floral décor scenery. The woodland backdrop gives it an outdoor wedding feel whilst the coloured lighting and use of wispy fabrics floating in mid-air provides for a lavish ambience.


Majestic Chandeliers & Drapery


Photograph Courtesy: @activedraping


Monochrome tinted décor is a classic choice. With delicate silk ivory draperies and Swarovski studded chandeliers your wedding reception would have an art installation that is simple and understated yet makes an impact through intricate details. A canopy of pastel fabrics can be merged with the art design to add a hint of colour to a traditional ceremony.


Vivid Fantasy


Photograph Courtesy: DesignLab Experience


This enchanting art installation is what fairy tale dreams are made of! Achieve your ultimate reveries of being on cloud nine, (literally!) with these mystical ornamentations for your bridal occasions. With fantastical visual effects and a sky full of stars, this prolific skyline atmosphere is full of grandeur.


A Burst Of Colour


Photograph Courtesy: Lauren Goldenberger Photography


Use spunky canvas artwork to express your personality. This super easily accessible installation is fit for the couple who live their lives vicariously through the means of art. A visual masterpiece can be created by your favourite artist or even better, by you yourself! #DIYLove

The immaculate illustration can be displayed at your marriage and can act as a memento of the special occasion at your home after the revelries.


Regal Gleam


Photograph Courtesy: DesignLab Experience


Adorn your chosen nuptial venue with gold gilded, steel floral embellishments along with several crystallised light bulbs for an opulent appearance. A shimmering sea of golden installations with the illusion of morning mist, this magical rainforest exudes luxury.


Love Is In The Air


Photograph Courtesy: Benji and Sam


Hanging gardens are exceedingly popular wedding installations. Extremely adaptable to your preferences, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you opt for a colossal hanging floral arrangement or small statement piece, they are sure to be the wow factor and garner an instant affirmative reaction by your guests. Deck the ceiling with seasonal blooms or arrange for a suspended box of blossoms artistically placed above your ceremonial space.



Feature Image Credit: Jessica Claire Photography