‘Just Married’ Banner Inspiration!

Let the world you that you are hitched for life with these super cool ‘Just Married’ signs, banners or decals! Broadcast your inner happiness of tying the knot with your soulmate through these creative ideas.


Neon Love


Photograph Courtesy: @neoncreations


Glow in love with these stylish neon signs that are perfect for a contemporary ceremony or a reception bash. You can either rent a neon sign for the night or create a bespoke one that can be stored in your new home for life!


Simple Signs


Photograph Courtesy: @caroline.dorothy.photography


An urbane paper banner held amongst an epic locale such as the peak of the majestic mountainous region is all you need to let everyone know that you are hitched for life. The classy yet simplistic typography is easy to replicate on any surface.


Customized Clothing


Photograph Courtesy: @jordanvoth


Flaunt a trendy bridal accessory along with your elegant wedding gown that screams ‘Just Married’ without actually saying those exact words! This could be in the form of a leather jacket, an embellished clutch or even customized jewellery.


Classic Cars


Photograph Courtesy: @katbraman


A metallic laser-cut banner strung onto the back of a classic vehicle will never go out of style. A popular send-off, the getaway car can be decked with a temporary, removable sticker or a colourful, hand-painted message.



Feature Image Credit: @mauimakaphotography