Keep Calm, It’s Your D-Day!

Breathe in, breathe out! Relax. We know that the big day is approaching along with few (many) big decisions. And we also know that some wellness can go a long way to just unwind and prepare you to look your best on your special day. Make a note of these beauty regimes to be an ultimate zen bride.


Fitness First


Photograph Courtesy: @cincybridalyoga


Start at least 60 days before your wedding day. Fitness experts from the industry recommend spider push-up, bodyweight squats, alternating Hi-to-Low plank, and Surya Namaskar which are full-body workouts that helps bride strengthen and sculpt their muscles before walking down the aisle. Yoga classes offer special bridal packages to have a 360-degree mind-body transformation.


Detox Diet


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Try lime + cucumber + mint + water combo for a week to get blemish-free, glowing skin. Also, start your day with vegetable smoothies. Green tea is scientifically proven to fasten the process of weight loss. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they can tamper in your digestion process.


Mind Matters


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What if the bridesmaid dress is not matching? What if the DJ fails to play the song right on time? Keeping your mind calm is the key to rock your wedding. Practice mindful meditation techniques, like visualization, to deal with wedding stress and anxiety. Deep breathing exercises help you release unwanted thoughts and regain your confidence.


Beauty Sleep


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There are 100 things going on around and they swim across your mind right before you try to sleep. We know! Getting 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is quintessential for the bride’s skin, hair and overall look. It also helps to avoid every bride’s ultimate nightmare – dark circles.


The Magical Elixir


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Drink up, you beautiful but dehydrated bride! And by ‘drink up,’ I don’t mean wine, but our good old H2O. Experts suggest drinking 2L of water every day to keep the skin glow flawless. Add some lemon and mint to have a fresh taste.


Feature Image Credit: @janalyn.rose