Less Is More: Minimalism Decoded!

Not everything has to be #OTT. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to wedding décor and beauty lies in the sheer elegance of the overall ceremony rather than the flashy ornamentation. Here are some ways you can incorporate and adapt the art of minimalism for your simplistic yet sophisticated wedding.


Elegant Invitations


Photograph Courtesy: @oblikovana_design


A classy invitation featuring striking acrylic calligraphy with floral accents against a pastel or muted colour palette is minimalistic as well as romantic. Add an opaque envelope with a vintage wax seal stamp. The intricate translucent detailing adds a flair of modernity.


Plush Décor


Photographs Courtesy: @nienkevandenderenfotografie and @sarahstreetphotography


Line the aisle with strands of verdant greenery along with rustic furnishings. Keep the lighting naturalistic with a candlelit entranceway and adorn the ceremony backdrop with some fresh florals. Metallic accents for minute details would also accentuate the overall minimalist theme.


Floral Bouquets


Photograph Courtesy: @nienkevandenderenfotografie


A bouquet of flowers in subdued hues of pastel pink, lilac or even ivory is the way to go for the minimalistic touch. Bunch it up with some deep emerald verdures so the contrasting shades of colours make a real statement.


Trendy Tablescapes


Photograph Courtesy: @lifethrougha_lens_


Opt for a few table top items including crystal glassware, mini floral centrepieces and classic candles. Drape the tablescape in muted grey table runners with rustic, wooden numbering. Add gold, silver or rose gold metallic tones through the flatware for some understated glamour.


Sweet Spread


Photograph Courtesy: @nienkevandenderenfotografie


Adorn your wedding cake with seasonal fruits and scrumptious buttercream icing instead of conforming to the perfected fondant appearance. Include some small, sample-size treats like frosted cupcakes and velvety brownies that your guests can munch on throughout the ceremony.



Feature Image Credit: @nienkevandenderenfotografie