Let There Be Confetti!

Moments that are incredibly photogenic and full of spontaneity are created by a generous sprinkling of confetti as the bride and groom make a lavish exit from their nuptial ceremony. The vibrant confetti toss is essentially derived from and age-old Italian tradition wherein throwing petals or rice at newlyweds was executed with the aim of bringing prosperity and fertility. Here is a roundup of some of the funky confetti options you can use to spruce up your wedding and up your #Instagame!


Confetti Canons


Photograph Courtesy: Matt Badenoch Photography


Celebrate your ceremony in style with a generous burst of vibrant confetti straight from super cool confetti canons. Get some fun drone shots of confetti fired up to ten metres in the air. Enjoy a snazzy explosion of colour!


Petal Pops


Photograph Courtesy: @akilbennett


For an elegant touch, opt for fresh or dry flower petals as confetti for when you want to make a bold, floral statement. Various multi-coloured blooms are a splendid addition to brighten up the joyful, celebratory moment.


Bubble Love


Photograph Courtesy: @jmorrisyphotography


Personalized mini bottles of bubbles are the perfect wedding favours for your guests as well as a great addition to a cheerful ceremonial exit for newlyweds. Bonus point: There will be no mess to clean up afterwards! #NoMess


Cheer On!


Photograph Courtesy: Shutter Go Click


Quirky, handmade pompoms made by your loved ones provides for a perfect sophisticated, retro look for your grand exit from a historical venue of your choice.


Glitter Glam


Photograph Courtesy: Steven Michael Photography 


With a stunning kaleidoscopic reflection for any outdoor wedding ceremony, a little bit of glitter can go a long way! A classic way to rejoice in sheer happiness and joy as you walk out of your gorgeous ceremony with a sprinkle of glitter for an added dose of vibrancy.


Beach Balls


Photograph Courtesy: www.postcardinn.com


A seaside ceremony calls for an unconventional send-off and what better way than tossing mini beach balls for an eccentric, chilled out wedding exit. Incorporate this playful trend and add a pop of colour to your send-off photos!


The Old School Way


Photograph Courtesy: Michael Kaal Photography


A part of many cultures for centuries which dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, the inclusion of throwing rice at a newlywed couple is considered to be a symbol of prosperity, fertility and good fortune.



Feature Image Credit:@slawawalczakphotography