Light Up Your Wedding Day!

Add some glitz and glamour to your wedding décor with these various lighting styles! Whether you choose to light up your aisleway, deck the dance floor with disco lights or opt for opulent chandeliers at your reception, lighting plays a pivotal role in creating the right ambience for your special day.


Lit Lanterns


Photograph Courtesy: John Labbe


For an atmosphere full of enchanting romance, take a cue from Disney’s ‘Tangled’ and light up the sky, poolside and staircases of your ceremonial venue with whimsical lanterns for a natural source of light whilst you dance the night away at the reception of your dreams.


Deck The Dance Floor


Photograph Courtesy: Quetzal Photo


An interactive light-up dance floor would be a cool addition for your guests. A surprise that everyone would enjoy, dancing to a floor that lights up to pulsing, hip tunes. Transform your marital reception into an unforgettable night as you let your hair down to the beats of your favourite tracks illumed by a cluster of pin lights beneath your feet.


Marquee Lettering


Photograph Courtesy: Lauren Scotti/Mon Cheri Bridals


Get a little experimental with funky bold typography on marquee letters. You can choose to customise a sentimental quote, a quirky phrase or your initials and pop it at the entrance to greet the guests before they are welcomed into the wedding festivities. Let everyone know that you’ve found your soulmate by creating your very own hashtag through this bold statement lighting style that can double up as a photo booth. Wait for the social media madness to commence as your networking platforms blow up with several posts of the magnificent celebrations!


Colour Wash


Photograph Courtesy: Talent Productions


Paint your chosen nuptial ceremony or reception space with a colour of your preference and let the LED lights do the magic. A wave of icy blue hues or pastel tints across the venue would give the atmosphere a cosy feel. The uplighting effect would create a dramatic watercolour inspired look.


Festoon & Fairy Lights


Photograph Courtesy: @erikaskye_photography


Most popular amongst outdoor wedding venues, festoon and fairy lights are a match made in heaven! An incredible combination of the two can be used to create a canopy effect as the fairy lights drape around trees, bushes, stairways and strung across ceilings for a magical night under a sky full of twinkling stars. You could even pick a bunch of Edison bulbs for a quick DIY alternative.



Chandelier Love


Photograph Courtesy: Lionsgate Center


Why stop at one chandelier when you can have a ballroom full of them? The epitome of luxury, regal chandeliers are the symbolic of ultimate grandeur. Eternally on trend, chandeliers suspended from high ceilings, embellished with Swarovski crystals and gilded with metallic accents will never go out of style. These timeless illuminations are perfect for royal revelries!



Feature Image Credit: Bay Area Event Lights