Luxurious Treasures Of Life: Original Murano Glass OMG

Luxurious gifts to spoil your esteemed guests are an absolute must for all events! Little trinkets are the perfect way to reward your guests and for them to reminiscence over the incredible memories of interacting with the crème de la crème of the event planning industry. We spoke to the talented members of the Original Murano Glass company to learn more about their exquisite crafts.


Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?



Original Murano Glass s.n.c. company is the heir of a significant glass factory founded in 1934. Created with immense pride and passion during 2013, the new brand Original Murano Glass OMG® is by far the best handmade art glass, that Venice in Italy has to offer.

The idea was born by a of a team of expert entrepreneurs from Murano Venice, who had been fully involved in the art sector of Murano glass since 1999. The Original Murano Glass OMG® brand was formed in order to offer unique artefacts to clients and art enthusiasts and for the promotion of our artistic heritage, whilst meeting the requirements of transparency and professional certification of artworks in original Murano glass and maintaining top class quality in the products. Our mission today, is to offer a unique market place for Venetian glass lovers, where they can shop, create and buy custom pieces, as well as generate a platform where they can openly discuss and share their love for unique art.


What does your vast gift collection include?


Our gift collection includes a great variety of glass objects. Including; jewellery for men and women, home décor, sculptures, drinking glasses, clocks, watches, etc. We also produce custom made artworks for our clients and bespoke gifts for their events that they organise.



What kind of luxurious gifts do you specialize in?


The luxury in our gifts is based on the quality of our Real Italian Handmade glass. Each and every piece is totally handcrafted with the highest glass quality and by the best glassmakers (we like to call them Glass Masters) in the Murano island. So, we only use the best materials for our luxurious gifts.



What quality of glass do you use in order ensure the best for your clients?


We use the highest quality of glass and this means that our glass composition is as pure as that of the Murano Glass Tradition that is spanning over 700 years ago. From Quartz as a source of silica (instead of normal sand) that comes directly from the rivers of Northern Italy to all the minerals for colouring the glass: cobalt, copper and iron, all the minerals to construct the glasses are carefully selected. We also use only pure silver and 24karat gold leaves for our metallic accented designer ware.



How much time does it take to craft your handmade creations?


Depending on the complexity of the artwork, the glassmakers take from one day to five weeks of time to craft an item, whether it be a small plate or an opulent chandelier. However, in order to build a chandelier, we normally require around three to five glass masters working at the same time. This time period also includes the ‘rest time’ that the glass needs whilst inside different temperatured ovens.

What gifts did you design especially for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?



For the PX show, we designed two distinctive items, a colourful bracelet for women and cufflinks for men. We happily noticed our cufflinks adorned on the men’s shirts right at the Gala Dinner and the women were also flaunting our stunning, delicate bracelets.


What was the inspiration behind designing them? What was the vision behind the colourful bracelets and cufflinks curated for the Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


We thought about two aspects that would showcase serenity: light and colour. Hence, we used a “glossy” technique for the external part of glass, our brightest minerals for the colours and lustrous silver and gold metallic accents for the metal parts. The result: an opulent amalgamation of light, colour and luxury which was evidently visible in our jewellery at the PX show.


How would you describe your experience of working as a luxury gift partner for the opulent Planners Xtraordinaire Show?


The Planners Xtraordinaire Show was an incredibly significant experience for our company. We are extremely proud to be the luxury gift sponsor for the attendees of this great event. We received so many compliments from the most famous event planners who were delighted with our gifts. We received a lot of positive feedback and acquired contacts for future collaborations. We also had the opportunity to interact with renowned planners and look forward to supplying exclusive gift ideas for International clients. We strive to impress future clients with our handmade art glass, exclusively made in Italy.



All photographs courtesy: ManiSol Wedding and original_murano_glass